February 4, 2023

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Album Review: Framing Hanley – “The Sum of Who We Are”



Framing Hanley has bee around for a long, long time. It has been almost 4 years since the quartet has released an album. “The Sum of Who We Are” is the title of their new album and it was funded entirely by the fans via Kickstarter. Wanna know what we think? Stay tuned after the jump.

Between the struggle of being without a label and their bassist ¬†Luke McDuffee leaving the band they have stuck together pretty strong. With low funds, Framing Hanley asked each fan to just donate a dollar each. This strategy worked successfully – the band has shown that they can stick to it no matter the circumstances. This album hits hard, the sound is still here with some major improvements. The opening song “Criminal” does what every album opener should, it drew me in immediately and well, forced me to listen to the whole album. I was not disappointed one bit. For a band that I believed was more evolved then other bands in the genre they have somehow matured even more. This album will not let you down if you are a fan of the band and if you are just finding out about them this will make you a fan.

Overall it’s a solid album that will grow on you. Check out the video for “Criminal” below.

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