June 25, 2022

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Album Review: Dust Bolt – “Awake the Riot”

1185229_838954656131724_1938958207_n I got a chance to review Dust Bolt’s upcoming sophomore release titled, Awake the Riot, and one thing that is evident from the very beginning is that this will be a major release for the New Wave Of Thrash Metal bands! The album opens with an explosive drum fill quickly followed by a mounting riff that inevitably leads to a ripping solo. Perfectly executed, the intro had successfully captured my attention and left me anxious to listen to the next track. Thrash Metal has undeniably acquired the negative connotations of monotonous and stagnant, but there are always exceptions. Awake the Riot is a dynamic album full of tasteful surprises. I mean, the song lengths vary from 2:22 all the way to 7:43, so you can rest assured knowing that not every song is a 6 minute track with a 2 minute solo. The structure and overall style vary throughout the album. “The Monotonous Distant Scream” is my favorite track off of the album at 7 minutes, 14 seconds. There’s so much that stands out about it. The intro’s change of pace in the clean guitars definitely captured my attention and held it while transitioning to a nice blend of slow power riffs. The song continues to build and drives into a breakneck speed which then reverts to a slower pace ending in a beautifully eerie and haunting riff. Awake the Riot’s closing track is a cover of Evil Dead’s “Future Shock.” It’s an incredible track, but that’s not all. SPOILER ALERT! There is a hidden track at the end of Future Shock of epic proportions. I could not think of a more perfect way to end such a great album. You can listen to a preview of the album here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSrJmAk8kRE The album is set to release in Germany/Austria/Switzerland on 05/30/14 and everywhere else on 06/10/14. To keep up with the band and purchase the album check out their¬†facebook page. For fans of: Bonded By Blood, Death Angel, Evile. Rating: 9/10!

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