April 22, 2024

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Review: Chase Atlantic shoots for the big leagues on new EP, “Don’t Try This”

(Photo Credit: Savannah Rowley)

Australian R&B band Chase Atlantic are back with their latest EP Don’t Try This and we got an early listen at this devilishly beautiful creation. This is the first album the band has put out since their full-length debut Chase Atlantic in 2017; and features familiar songs “You Too” and “Like a Rockstar” which were singles previously released. The band also teased their song “Devilish” on their 2018 World Tour by using it as an interlude during live shows.

The EP starts with “What U Call That” featuring the very teased lyric “cocaine stains on my nikes.” Instrumentally, the song sounds similar to “Swim” one of the band’s previous songs. A slow-paced techno-R&B start, blends into the next song “You Too.”

“You Too” was previously released in October last year, while the band was on tour. A slow jam with lyrics surrounding being scared to be vulnerable to someone else. The band played this on their World Tour.

Followed by “Like a Rockstar” which is the latest single the band has released. One of the more upbeat songs on the album talking about life being a rockstar and all that comes with it. It has the catchy chorus “If I die tell my momma I died like a rockstar, fuck a cop car they won’t ever stop us.” The band recently released a music video for the song.

“Devilish” follows which is my personal favorite off of the album. The party anthem of the whole EP, this is a song you can blare while driving down the road with the windows down. The band had teased this as an interlude when on tour, and fans are finally hearing the real thing. “GreenGreenGreen” talks about the lifestyle of drugs and money what it means to not have a care in the world and flex on everyone who hates on what you’re doing.

“Lust” has the catchiest chorus of the whole EP with the lyrics “Hard drugs, no trust, fuck love we can do this shit forever if it’s lust.” With Mitchel Cave’s vocals you can really hear the raspy passion throughout the song. Featuring a beautiful saxophone piece, the band keeps all of their previous elements in the music only stepping up the game.

Diving between slow beats and upbeat jams, this EP brings a lot to the table that carries on everything Chase Atlantic has stood for so far. With consistent drug and sex talk, mixed with emotional vulnerabilities, I think this EP is a great step in a new direction for the band and I can’t wait to see how they bring all of these songs to life in performance.

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