Abaddonia unleash their heavy hitting new song “Horsemen Part 1: War”

Climbing up from the Midwest of the United States comes a band with a vicious, heavy sound – that band is Abaddonia. Abaddonia first surfaced in 2019 with their debut song “Backbiter”. The song was a vicious first release that helped the band gain a quick foothold.. The following year marked the band’s second song “Mortifer”. Now the band has just released their brand new song “Horseman Part 1: War” and it is arguably their best song yet. Abaddonia has teamed up with legendary producer Chris Wiseman of Shadow of Intent to create this melodic evolution in Abaddonia. This new song is one of their most melodic and well composed pieces yet. Abaddonia has spent time crafting each of their releases, but this one truly shines in showing their progress over the last few years, and we’re excited to hear more. The new song was released on the Slam Worldwide platform.


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