October 2, 2023

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Aaron Evans has been evicted from Like Moths To Flames after extremely inappropriate conduct allegations surface

Aaron Evans, the bassist of Like Moths To Flames, has been evicted from the metalcore band effective immediately. Inappropriate conduct allegations involving Evans surfaced from multiple parties in the last 72 hours, including allegations involving emotional abuse and relationships with multiple underage girls.

Effective immediately, Aaron will no longer be in Like Moths to Flames. Over the last few days, we’ve been made aware of numerous instances where he has abused the platform he was given within the band.

Our DM’s are open if any fans/friends want to reach out to discuss.

There’s no doubt that evicting a member of a band, a collective, is a tough decision – especially with very little warning. However, there’s also no doubt that Like Moths To Flames did the right thing here – and it’s something many other bands could learn from as well. Obviously, likely due to legal reasons, the band can’t comment on exactly the reasons why he’s gone from the band – but LMTF have invited anyone with more information to share their stories. Props to the band for taking immediate and swift action. Notably, LMTF said that Evans “abused the platform” given to him, and that’s not a small thing to acknowledge given the power and influence that musicians can hold over their fans.

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