A deep cut from Deftones ‘Diamond Eyes’ album is going viral on TikTok + social media

Talk about a RISKy album for Deftones to have created. On Diamond Eyes, Deftones turned a number of difficult situations and overall tension into something that remains a fan favorite today. Even though this is the same band that released classics like Around The Fur and White Pony, many consider Diamond Eyes to be the band’s finest work – for many reasons. It explored a number of different new sounds, namely a sludge metal influence that hadn’t really been part of the band’s mantra before. There’s also the matter of the balance of Diamond Eyes, which oscillates between melody and intensity between seemingly every track. In short, it’s pretty popular.

Now it appears the song “Risk” is experiencing a major uptick in attention. You can probably guess why, but some of the amusing and creative TikTok videos that have been appearing on social media are pretty amusing. And of course, it has the side effect of exposing the song (and band) to a new generation of listeners. We’ve already seen it happen with bands like Linkin Park, Korn, and many more. It appears to be working, as the song is now at 26 million plays on Spotify alone. That’s more than the single “Rocket Skates”, for example. And it’s not just recently – Deftones have actually been a favorite for many months now.


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♬ Risk – Deftones


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♬ Risk – Deftones


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♬ Risk – Deftones


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♬ Risk – Deftones


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♬ Risk – Deftones

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