A dedicated fan actually just completed the Halo 2 ‘Impossible’ Legendary $20,000 Challenge

A seemingly impossible Halo 2 challenge with a $20,000 bounty behind it, has now been claimed. YouTuber Moistcr1tikal hosted a challenge to see who could complete Halo 2 on the highest difficulty setting without dying once. That isn’t all, the participants must do this with every challenge modifier (AKA skull) turned on (other than Envy, obviously), making the game much harder. Last month, Moistcr1tikal upped the initial bounty of $5,000 to $20,000, as nobody was able to complete the challenge after a few months.

Well, someone finally did it! Streamer JerValin took on the challenge, spending forty days on stream trying to complete the prestigious challenge. What makes this challenge so impressive is that throughout the 18 years Halo 2 has been released, no one has publicly published evidence of them completing the game under these circumstances! In one 6.5 hour session, he finally pulled it off – earning a cool $20k in the process. One might say he…finished the fight.

No doubt, this is one of the more impressive feats we’ve seen on any video game. One of the coolest things about the challenge, though, is that on the stream, JerValin’s family shared in the huge victory. Now that’s wholesome AF.


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