October 25, 2021

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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an IT Service Company in Bristol

Today, a majority of companies in Bristol are outsourcing their IT and tech needs to a third-party service providers. The reasons for doing this could be anything from budgetary demands to a lack of in-house expertise.

No matter the reason, having the right hands on deck is important. Whether you are an existing business that wants to outsource IT services or the new kid on the block who is looking to gain more knowledge, knowing what to ask will afford you the best IT services.

Here are 5 questions to ask when hiring an IT service company in Bristol:

    What services do you offer?

All IT companies are not the same. First and foremost, they represent themselves with a variety of names including an IT Service Company, IT Services Provider, and IT Consultants, amongst many other variants. The names are just as different as the services that these companies offer.

While some will offer comprehensive, full package IT services, others only specialize in keeping your networks up and running or managing your cyber security. By inquiring about the services on offer, you will know exactly what you are getting into.

What are your pricing plans?

Just like any other business transaction, it is important to understand the IT service business model so that you can know what you will be paying upfront. Inquire about the service prices and compare and contrast using a simple pricing structure.
Unfortunately, some providers hide their prices until the last minute. You should always be wary of this. Ensure that your agreed-upon price will cover things like updates and maintenance and unlimited troubleshooting.

How long have you been in business?

Experience matters! As technology is a crucial part of your business, working with an experienced company means that you will enjoy better services. Experts who know their stuff understand the importance of having your business functioning at full throttle.

What kind of applications do you support?

Always work with IT experts that can support all of our applications. Otherwise, this could make the integration of all your important business apps difficult.

Ideally, it is best to go for a provider who has serviced thousands of companies over the years as they have the experience to give you the support that you require. They will be able to handle all your needs.

Is your support team available 24/7?

A reliable IT expert should come with a support team that is available 24 hours a day. The last thing you want to deal with is a faulty system that will affect your entire work process. In case of anything, you should receive immediate support regardless of the time.

The Bottom Line

There are a handful of IT service companies that will promise you consistent network uptime, the fastest cloud speeds, and reliable data and recovery services. But do not be too quick to fall for this. Look for a company that has a proven track record and boasts the best innovative technology.

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