December 9, 2021

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3 Nasty Movie Scandals Involving Popular Actors

Actors are always involved in different scandals, and these situations affect all parts of their lives. Like Ben Affleck, known for his gambling addiction, cannot visit casinos due to scandal and has to spend his money on platforms like 22Bet Kenya, instead of going to land-based establishments. But scandals surround actors and directors on set, and these 3 are the nastiest examples.

Jean-Claude Van Damme and the Predator

Van Damme, early in his career, starred in the movie Predator for an entire week and played the role of the Predator himself. Van Damme, who had previously starred in several films that didn’t bring him proper popularity, was selected for the role of the Predator. Everything said it would be a good boost for the future in Hollywood. But everything changes when Jean-Claude learns that his face will not be shown, and even if the mask had to be taken off, it clearly would not be Van Damme’s face.

The actor lost interest because he wanted to be an actor, not a stuntman. He became unenthusiastic about coming to work, and when a dangerous stunt had to be performed, he said he wouldn’t do it because no one wants a disabled actor afterwards. It was necessary to jump out of a tree, Van Damme immediately assessed all the risks, refused and quarreled with the producer of the picture Joel Silver. Joel didn’t hesitate to fire him.

This was no obstacle for Van Damme, who subsequently starred in many more films. In general, this was not a problem for anyone. The only problem was for the stuntman, who performed a dangerous stunt and broke his ankle.

Ryan Gosling vs. Rachel McAdams

In 2004, “The Notebook” about the story of the two lovers, played by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, was released. Many critics noted the chemistry between the characters. But it turned out that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams hated each other on the set. Ryan Gosling once got so pissed off that he yelled at the producer and delivered an ultimatum: either him or Rachel. After that powerful altercation between the producer and Gosling, the ardor of the actor subsided a little. Of course, not without problems, but the filming was safely completed.

Well, what do actors usually do after they openly express their hatred for each other during the whole filming? Of course, they start to twist the romance. And that’s exactly what happened. After the filming, Rachel and Ryan became close, began to communicate, and then generally began dating and continued their relationship for five years, but even then they managed to separate at least once. Ryan Gosling in an interview said that in real life, his relationship with Rachel is much more romantic than their on-screen characters.

Stanley Kubrick and Full Metal Jacket

All movie buffs know Stanley Kubrick. And he is also known for how reverently he treats his films. He is such a perfectionist that his shots are parsed to see how accurately they were shot. Of course, it’s not just the cameramen who suffer on Kubrick’s set. It’s the actors who suffer the most.

Stanley Kubrick on the set of “The Shining” so tried to shield the young actor Danny Lloyd from the whole picture, that Danny did not even realize that he was starring in a horror movie. Less fortunate, however, was the lead actress, Shelley Duvall, who admitted that she had been suffering from a mental disorder for a long time. Of course, many immediately guessed that the shooting of “The Shining” played a key role in this.

Another scandal marked “Full Metal Jacket.” Like The Shining, there is a kind of cruel shooting spirit, there is something sinister about this film. One of the key moments in the film is that Private Pyle is bullied both by his commanding officer and by his fellow soldiers. Usually behind the violent scenes in real life on set, there are actors who just laugh at each other, become friends, sometimes spend weekends together, and generally become friends. In “Full Metal Jacket,” it wasn’t like that at all. Kubrick created an atmosphere in which the actors started to hate Vincent D’Onofrio. When it was necessary to beat him up, they put all the anger into it.

Nor were the regular scandals on the set a surprise. Although Kubrick kept everyone in a fierce grip, when Matthew Modine’s wife gave birth to his daughter, and Kubrick did not want to let the actor go to his wife and child, Matthew vented all his fury so that Kubrick was forced to give him a day off.

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