September 16, 2021

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21 years old, Strike Anywhere still sounds fresh on Nightmares of the West (review)

Nightmares of the West, 2020

Pissed-off Punk is welcome now more than ever, as the world is more than a hot mess. That’s the MO of Strike Anywhere, a band that’s been at it since 1999. For a band that hasn’t had a release since 2009, the political climate has changed quite drastically, and it’s ripe for criticism, and Strike Anywhere is looking to take advantage with their new EP, Nightmares of the West.

With a laser focus in the lyricism, it’s clear from the start in “Documentary” that, with a traditional punk instrumental backing, Strike Anywhere has set their sights on delivering a profound message in these tracks. As explained by vocalist Thomas Barnett, “We wanted to write things that we felt really fresh about and that revealed something new … These songs are the conversations that we want to have and the feelings that we still really need to share.”

Taking aim at “killing systems,” “Dress the Wounds” is a nice fast-paced jaunt to up the ante on the EP. “The Bells” draws from history, and has a vital bridge: “No one forgets
No one remembers
No one forgets
No one remembers at all
Till monuments fall”

At a concise 1:30 runtime, “Frontier Glitch” hones in on the 1% vs. the 99%. With thematic imagery like “Let the ship burn We’re the ocean The tide is rising over,” there’s no shortage of wit within Nightmares of the West. “Imperium of Waste” questions the dedication to one’s country with no promise of reward.

“Opener” is a hopeful, more positive offering on the EP, confiding in an outside opinion and welcoming a non-toxic voice into one’s life. “We Make the Road by Walking” closes things out and begs the listener to “hit it when the lights are gone.”

Filled with punk albums, Nightmares of the West arrives at the perfect time to let loose frustrations with how the world is run. The instruments are a bit run-of-the-mill, but serve as a decent backdrop to the emphatic lyricism on display. Spin Strike Anywhere’s newest EP for a cathartic release this Friday, June 17th!

Rating: 7.5/10

A press copy of Nightmares of the West was provided courtesy of Big Picture Media.

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