MLW Fusion – Episode 165 (02.02.2023) (Wrestling Review)

MLW Fusion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Feb. 2nd, 2023   Tag Team Match The FBI (Little Guido & Ray Jaz) vs. Samoan Swat Team (Juicy Finau & Lance Anoa’i) Pretty much a 2 minute squash.  .5 / 5 Singles Match Vinny Pacifico vs. Dr. Dax  Dr. Dax is slow and sluggish with his kick move looking horrendous. A terrible 2 minute match.  .5 / 5 Six…

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Desperate Pleasures: Boston Manor makes dynamic, relatable rock music for the ordinary listener

When Blackpool’s Boston Manor said they were switching things up on their 2018 sophomore full-length, they clearly were not fucking around. A kingly example of a band taking a massive sophomore leap in terms of songwriting and stylistic maneuvering, Welcome To The Neighbourhood displayed their post-hardcore and alt-rock influences in a way that resonated with…

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