You can FINALLY listen to Corelia’s crowdfunded album after it got funded 5 years ago

You’ve seen it before – a crowdfunding effort concludes successfully, and the receiving party makes off with the money without providing their supporters with anything. Of Machines had something similar happen, and we were scared I Am Abomination were heading down that path before releasing their magnificent Passion of the Heist II. Thankfully, with Corelia, there’s a happy ending, as this long-awaited LP from the band’s 2011 acclaimed effort Nostalgia finally sees the light of day.

I could go into detail about what transpired, but I’d like the focus of this article to be the fact that we finally have this music in our hands. The reason Corelia was able to fund so much money is that their brand of proggy post-hardcore is a treasure to the ears, with soaring vocals and compelling riffs. New Wilderness is a whopping 16 tracks, and, while it’s claimed to be demo quality, the production is far more than listenable in its state.

Take a listen via the band’s Soundcloud, or in the YouTube video below: