West Virginia metalcore band Left Behind plays a gig in a FOOD MART

You really can’t make this up. Joined by Purgatory, Heavens Die, and Strengthen What Remains, powerhouse West Virginia metalcore band Left Behind took advantage of a stalled show at a local venue to play their set in a nearby foodmart. You can view the video and a statement about how it went down below.

Vocalist Zach Hatfield explains how it all went down…

Yeah man basically the show was booked at a venue where the owners didn’t really know what they were getting into, there were some holes put in the wall so they shut it down before Heavens Die and Left Behind played. So Josh from Strengthen What Remains, Matt from Purgatory and I were talking about what to do and they jokingly said we should play the food mart. So I walked inside, offered the dude $100 to let us play and we rocked out.

The band’s debut full-length, “Seeing Hell”, is available now.