Vicarious: Tool’s “10,000 Days” turns 11

It’s now been 11 years since acclaimed progressive metal band Tool has released a new album, and while the clamoring for any signs of life of new material has reached a fever pitch, the band’s 2006 album 10,000 Days should not be overlooked for that reason. While it may not have quite reached the critical acclaim that previous albums Aenima and Lateralus did, 10,000 Days is still a fantastic album that the majority of progressive rock/metal bands never come close to writing in their lifetime.

What’s fascinating about 10,000 Days is the fact that, while it is a fairly typical Tool album, it ventures more into progressive rock territory than metal – it’s only tracks like “Jambi” that have some of the heavier riffs and passages the band is known for. It’s probably the band’s most melodic album, too – and “Rosetta Stoned” in particular is a song that older fans of the band will appreciate, being more reminiscent of Aenima-era Tool.

Even 11 years later, 10,000 Days is a vital album that even newcomers can appreciate. Melodic undertones and fantastic musicianship collide into what should really be considered a cornerstone of forward-thinking and progressive music. Listen up.