We Came As Romans member accused of physical abuse of a fan

Around Hollywood, the government, and the music scene right now, there’s a tremendous wave of people finally coming out against those in positions of power. It should be obvious that these sorts of abuses of power and position are horrifying because of said power. With rumors swirling, even confirmed around members of Brand New and With Confidence this week, it’s important to note that what you are about to read are allegations at this point.

Kyle Pavone, a member of metalcore band We Came As Romans, has been accused of abuse by a fan named Sara 3 years ago during a tour. Of particular note, leaving “bruises” behind. We’re reposting the entire Twitter transcript below to report this to you, and while we’ll reiterate again that these are allegations, we at TNF stand with those that are brave enough to come forward despite the consequences it may have for them.

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Photo Gallery: I Prevail’s Rage on the Stage Tour Orlando, FL – November 4, 2017

Recently our photojournalist Savannah Rowley captured I Prevail’s current headline Rage on the Stage Tour with Escape the Fate, The Word Alive, and We Came as Romans as supporting acts. The tour is just over halfway finished, so if it hasn’t hit a city near you be sure to pick up tickets here.

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We Came As Romans announce comeback, new album due out in October

Photo: Nathan Fitzgerald

After a 2 year period where they admittedly didn’t tour a whole lot (but did sign to Sharptone Records), We Came As Romans is back with a new album, out in October. Though their 2015 self-titled album found We Came As Romans at a crossroads between accessibility and their core post-hardcore sound developed over close to a decade, there is still a clear and dedicated fanbase for the band.

They’re also about to head out on a huge tour supporting I Prevail, which might give WCAR a second wind of sorts. Will the upcoming album be a good one? We’re betting yes – let’s hope it’s their most inspired material in years.

Editor’s Note: The band has also dropped a slightly under 2 minute teaser to go along with it. And it sounds GREAT.

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We Need To Talk About I Prevail’s Success

Detroit post-hardcore band I Prevail have gone from, in the span of just 3 years, total unknowns to headlining above some of their peers that have been established for well over 5 or more years. Regardless of how you feel about the band’s radio-friendly approach to post-hardcore/metalcore (comparisons to A Day To Remember abound), it’s clear that I Prevail are a very popular band at this point. They literally went from being unknown to debuting (with an EP and a popular cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”) on the Billboard Top 200 at #88. To date, the debut EP has sold over 60,000 copies, which is basically unprecedented in today’s market. And yet, people are legimately angry that I Prevail is, on their recently announced headlining tour, headlining over bands like The Word Alive, We Came As Romans, and Escape The Fate – bands that recently were charting high themselves and headlining their own popular tours.

We need to examine why people are getting mad at this, because how tours actually work are far different than an uninformed fan likely thinks they do.

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