TNF Presents: The Friday Playlist, Volume III

Volume III of our Friday Spotify Playlist is here. Featuring new tracks from heavy hitters Widowmaker and Converge, lighter indie pop fare from ExNations and Against The Current, and blasts from the past like Refused and Vanna, there’s something new for everyone to (re)discover. You can stream the entire playlist below – be sure to follow us, and we’ll follow you right back.

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TNF Presents: The Friday Playlist, Volume 2

We’re excited to bring you Volume 2 of our latest creation – the TNF Friday Playlist, where we bring you the latest music across the metal, pop-punk, alternative, and indie landscapes – and likely much more that, as well. This week’s edition has the sharp-edged pop-punk of Rarity, the chaotic metal tunes of Employed To Serve and Oathbreaker, and classic tracks from Funeral For A Friend and Jimmy Eat World, just to name a few. And don’t forget new releases from Comeback Kid and Thousand Below.

Oh, and if you follow us on Spotify, we subscribe back, too. Who knows? Maybe we’ll create a surprise playlist or two during the week.

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