Interview: Silverstein’s Shane Told discusses “Dead Reflection”, running a popular podcast

Fifteen plus years into the band’s career, post-hardcore veterans Silverstein just aren’t letting up at all, both in relative heaviness as well as general quality. While bands they’ve toured with are either not as relevant or just aren’t around anymore, the quality of even Silverstein’s recent discography is something to truly behold. Their new album Dead Reflection carries on that tradition, being both punchy and pensive, usually simultaneously.

We talked to Silverstein vocalist Shane Told about the band’s new album, their anniversary tour for Discovering The Waterfront, and even his podcast, Lead Singer Syndrome (a recent episode with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, you can find below). Check it out.

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Collision Course: Silvertooth, the Beartooth & Silverstein collaboration, actually happened

With the Vans Warped Tour just barely halfway over, the summer tour has already seen its share of hilarity, controversy, and excitement (Knocked Loose commanding some massive crowds? Yes). SIlverstein and Beartooth in particular have been doing some pretty crazy things this summer, including a…Silvertooth sighting! No, it’s not a mythical beast from the Dark Ages – it’s the famed Beartooth and Silverstein combination that seriously exists. Check out the whole video below, it’s pretty awesome.

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Silverstein premiere new song, “Whiplash”, off upcoming album “Dead Reflection”

Silverstein are nothing if not consistent. Going on their 8th full-length (Dead Reflection, out next Friday), the band has never released a record that was offensively bad. In fact, they seem to have gotten better with age. Averaging an album every two years, Silverstein never seem to go away.

The band, who are on Warped Tour all summer (for the millionth time), have released another single in the form of “Whiplash”, and it’s (great) business as usual for the band. Stream the song below!

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Silverstein releases new single, “Ghost”


At this point in their career (that spans over a decade and a half), you really have to wonder if Canadian post-hardcore veterans Silverstein can do anything wrong. They’ve been on a seemingly neverending schedule of “new album, tour, recycle, repeat” every 2 years since 2003, and without a single bad album in that timespan. Even better is the fact that Silverstein seems to be getting better the more they age – 2013’s This Is How The Wind Shifts is a particular career highlight.

With that said, 2017 is just around the corner – which means another Silverstein album, more tours (would it surprise you if they were playing Warped yet again?), and a new single in the form of “Ghost”. You can check out the single below – the band is also currently on tour with Memphis May Fire, The Devil Wears Prada, and Like Moths to Flames.

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