Watch live footage of Shadow Of Intent playing their first show ever

Having existed only since 2014, the Halo-influenced, symphonic deathcore band Shadow Of Intent have proven they can hang as an independent act. Selling over 1,000 copies of their sophomore record Reclaimer and having just reached over a million streams is not an easy feat, to be sure, especially as an independent act with no label support.

Until recently though, the band was an Internet project of sorts – never having performed live. That all changed on December 1st at Webster Underground, where fans of Shadow Of Intent traveled states away, even from other countries, just to see SOI’s first live performance. And apparently, it didn’t disappoint. Check out 6 minutes of live footage below, where Shadow Of Intent played both “We Descend” and “The Return”. It’s safe to say that Shadow Of Intent will probably be playing more shows in the future, given their huge reception.

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Stream a guitar playthrough from Hollow Prophet (featuring members of Slaughter To Prevail, Shadow Of Intent, and more)

A supergroup of sorts, Hollow Prophet’s debut single “Conjuring Of Inpurity” has already racked up over 30,000 views since its debut just a few weeks ago. Not straying too far from the band’s other projects (Shadow Of Intent, Slaughter To Prevail, Acrania, and Within Destruction), the track is one that has plenty of riffs and nearly inhuman vocals from Ben Duerr.

Earlier today, the band premiered a guitar playthrough for the aforementioned track, which you can view below. The debut Hollow Prophet EP, Hellhole, drops November 24th.

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Shadow Of Intent unveils details for first EVER live performance

The release of this year’s sophomore album, Reclaimer, has turned plenty of heads for Shadow Of Intent. Not content to be considered just another deathcore band, the album took the Internet metal community by storm. Shockingly, the band has never played an actual show – but that’s about to change near the end of the year.

The band took to Facebook to announce their debut show, happening at the Webster Underground venue in Connecticut. Check out the full statement from the band and details below.

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