EP Review: Merciless Scum – “The Meek Inherit Nothing”

Tampa, Florida needs no introduction with its rich history in the extreme metal scene. Often remembered as the death metal capital of the world throughout the 90s, Tampa has always had some form of an extreme metal scene clear to present day. Today’s heavy metal scene is still active to with many bands continuing to emerge onto the scene. One of the latest to cause quite the stir in central Florida is Tampa’s Grindcore outfit Merciless Scum. Taking influences from bands such as Rotten Sound, Nasum, Napalm Death, and more, Merciless Scum quickly gained the attention of many. Throughout the many shows the group performed throughout 2017, Merciless Scum fans have been waiting patiently for a recorded release. Merciless Scum’s anticipated “The Meek Inherit Nothing,” successfully showcases the four-piece band for exactly what they are: utter chaos, abrasive noise, and grinding brutality. Continue reading

Tampa’s NOMVDIC Releases ‘Horror’ EP // Photo Gallery

Nomvdic are currently on a 7-day Dual CD Release Run as they introduce their newly finished EP, ‘Horror‘; it features 7 re-recorded, remixed, and remastered tracks. The music video for latest single, ‘THE VVITCH’, is my personal favorite because of the work done by the following members: Joey Durango, Austin Coupe, James Lewis, Lights Out Recordings, Phil Pluskota of Sonic Assault Studios, and Gabrielle Parpard. It’s by far one of the best videos that I’ve seen within the Tampa scene. Not only the quality but the overall make of the video portrays the story line perfectly.

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Interview – Werther from Dagoba : “Music exists because there are people going to shows”

Last week we had the chance to have a phone interview with Werther (bass) from the French metal band Dagoba, which is releasing its seventh studio record, Black Nova by the 25th August. So we wanted to ask him about this record, the band’s recent line-up changes, Star Wars and… ABBA. You can check the interview below :

dagoba band

So first things first, could you please introduce yourself and your band to our readers?

Hi ! My name’s Werther, I’m playing bass in a French band called Dagoba, we began playing in 1997 in Marseille, and we’re releasing our seventh album, Black Nova, the 25th August, we’ve also recorded an EP back when we began, and a live album. We’ve undergone a few line-up changes, but we’re always on the road and constantly writing new things. We’ve also been playing the biggest festivals in Europe (Wacken Open Air, Graspop, Hellfest, Brutal Assault, …) and toured across the world with big names such as Metallica, Korn, In Flames, Dir En Grey for example.

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Album Review: Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light

New York’s very own Death Metal pioneers, Suffocation, are back with their signature neck-breaking brutality and mind-bending technicality on their latest full-length album entitled “…Of The Dark Light.” With seven full-length albums and over two and half decades of experience under their belt, its needless to say fans have high expectations for a band that effortlessly is both a backbone in the roots of Death Metal and continues to be a driving force in modern extreme music. With so many classics and memorable albums throughout the years, we are left to contemplate how well “…Of The Dark Light” holds up in comparison to the rest of the Suffocation discography. Continue reading