The new Holding Absence/Loathe split EP, “This Is As One”, is a breathtaking achievement

If you’re not familiar with Holding Absence and/or Loathe, it’s time to get acquainted. Both of these bands are two of the spectacular roster members that upstart label Sharptone Records has assembled, and in just a short time, perhaps the most important. Both bands give off somewhat different, yet similar vibes. It’s mainly in both Holding Absence and Loathe’s convictions to create music that is familiar, yet off the beaten path enough to remain intriguing and interesting. So how did the band ace that test on their new split EP, This Is As One? With flying colors.

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Holding Absence and Loathe present: “This Is As One”, a new split album with new tracks from both bands

Sharptone Records has been absolutely killing it lately, cementing themselves as the future of metal and rock music. While the upstart label is home to veterans like Emmure, Attila, and We Came As Romans, it’s the newer bands that are making some stunning waves. A diverse palate of rock and metal bands that includes acts like World War Me, Polaris, and Don Broco, two of the most interesting bands on the label are Loathe and Holding Absence. The former is currently in the US opening Wage War’s sold-out headlining tour, while Holding Absence are biding their time with sporadically released singles that have all been very well-received.

The next salvo in the arsenal (hah! Premier League humor) of both bands comes in the form of This Is As One, a new split album that also contains two new tracks from both bands. “White Hot” by Loathe and “Saint Cecelia” by Holding Absence are both new songs that you can stream below. The split, available for preorder right here, is out in February. If you are looking for the future of rock music, both Loathe and Holding Absence are more than worth seeking out.

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