Deathcore + Dubstep = Ev0lution?

There are a surprising number of bands and musicians merging the seemingly disparate genres of metal with more electronic-based sounds. The digital age of music that we live in lends itself very well to the fusion of these sounds, but the problem with this lies in the fact that the music often ends up disjointed and/or tacked on. Which isn’t awful, necessarily, but it does beg the question – what would you get if the two were fused together expertly?

Bands like Enter Shikari and I See Stars have put their own spins on the genre (mostly successfully), while The Algorithm and now Ev0lution are doing so with more roots in the subgenresEDM/dubstep/whatever you’d like to call it. The metal aspect of Ev0lution & Blast is certainly not tacked on, though. It’s the merging of two different schools of thought – mastermind Dallas Turner has his feet in both camps, like he’s been doing it for years (which he has).

Ev0lution is dropping a new single, “Horror On Park Ave”, which features some guy named Dan Watson. Maybe you’ve heard of him. You can find the song below – in conjunction w/our friends at The Sickest. It’s a first look at what happens when worlds collide.

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