Sam Carter (Architects) issues moving tribute to Tom Searle at UNIFY Gathering 2018: “These are the moments where we miss Tom the most”

UNIFY Gathering 2018 is going on right now, and even if you’re not in Australia seeing Four Year Strong and Parkway Drive, rest assured there will be plenty of video coming. The lineup is grade-A quality, to be certain.

Architects, the UK metalcore veterans who were one of the biggest draws of day 1, performed just hours ago. And vocalist Sam Carter, as he often does, waxed poetic with his words to the audience – specifically the band’s thoughts of the late Tom Searle. It’s clear Architects will never forget what Tom accomplished in his time on earth – and that he’s with the band in spirit.

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Numbers Count For Nothing: Ranking All 7 Architects Albums

Ranking the discography of any band comes with a different set of challenges. How do you accurately compare and rank a body of work that spans years, genres, and musical trends? That’s what we’re attempting to do by ranking the discography of beloved metalcore band Architects. 7 albums and over a decade into their careers, the band’s constant touring and (mostly) subtle shifts in style have earned them a dedicated fanbase.

We’re ranking each of Architects 7 full-lengths with respect to the band’s changing styles, where they came from, and where they’re going. All of them are worth a listen (yes, even The Here And Now), and are best listened to in sequential order to see how the evolution of Architects manifested itself.

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Sam Carter of Architects on new music: “It’s moving in the right direction”

Despite the tragic 2016 of guitarist Tom Searle, British metalcore titans Architects have continued to soldier on through tough times, playing many highly acclaimed shows, including Reading and Leeds just recently. Tom will never be far from the band’s mind – it is never easy to lose someone you love, and who you played hundreds of shows with across the world.

That being said, many fans have been wondering about possible future Architects material. Speaking to the Mike James Rock Show live at the aforementioned festival, Sam Carter and Dan Searle discuss the possibility of upcoming material, noting that while there isn’t a specific timeline for it, they are indeed working on new material. You can view the whole interview below – the whole thing is worth watching, but specifically the part between the 3 and 7 minute mark.

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