Photo Review: Winter Jam 2018 – Tampa, FL 1/13


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Recently our photojournalist Savannah Rowley was able to attend and capture all the action of one of the biggest Christian festivals currently circling the USA, Winter Jam 2018.This year’s lineup had veterans such as Skillet, Newsong, and Kari Jobe on … Continue reading

North Carolina progressive death metal band Krosis release new video for “Immolation Fist”, announce Unique Leader Records debut

Few death metal-oriented record labels in the modern era are growing at a faster rate than Unique Leader Records. From playing host to “graduates” like Rings Of Saturn and Fallujah, to current risers like Ingested and Signs Of The Swarm, they’re certainly on the way up.

Given that many of their releases are solid quality for the genre, a new signing to the label is always worth a listen or two. That certainly applies to North Carolina progressive death metal band Krosis, whose new song “Immolation Fist” can be streamed below. FFO deathcore that is out of the narrow confines of the genre and death metal that pounds. Solem Vatem drops in March.

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Film Review : The Disaster Artist


No one expected “The Room” to have such a massive comeback. No one expected a book to be made about the film, and certainly no one though some of the biggest comedy stars right now would make a film about it which would win major awards. However here we are, and somehow The Disaster Artist is a phenomenal film about a film that can’t even be described almost.

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Album Review : Incendiary – “Thousand Mile Stare”

Incendiary aren’t a band who is fast at touring around or releasing new music yet they continuously seem to become bigger. This all becomes apparent though when they release new music or play a show and it’s clearly apparent on their latest release “Thousand Mile Stare” that they should be looked at as some of the top dogs in hardcore right now.

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