Dan Searle of Architects on when a new album is coming: “I promise we won’t take as long as Tool.”

Arguably the UK’s most vital metalcore act right now, Architects recently played a show at London’s Alexandria Palace, in front of around 10,000 people. They’re bravely continuing on without the late Tom Searle, and have cemented themselves as a positive voice for change as well. Regardless of how you feel about the band’s music, you have to tip your cap to a band like this.

On the eve of their North American headlining tour with Stick To Your Guns and Counterparts, Architects member Dan Searle has revealed when a new album might be coming. Consider that 2016’s All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us isn’t quite 2 years old yet, but how can you blame loyal fans for wanting more when recently released single “Doomsday” was ridiculously good? Luckily, Dan had something hilarious to say about it.


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