Thy Art Is Murder’s upcoming full-length “Dear Desolation” is the band’s most forward-thinking work to date

You can add Dear Desolation, the upcoming 4th full-length from Aussie metal band Thy Art Is Murder, to the list of Will Putney-produced works. And it might just reign supreme as the best album Putney has produced to date. CJ McMahon’s vocals are a little more vitriolic, Lee Stanton’s drumming has improved tenfold, and TAIM successfully explores a slightly more groove-oriented, death metal-influenced sound.

I can’t stress enough how awe-inspiring Stanton’s drumwork is. As a music aficionado, all it takes is one listen to the rapid-fire drum fills on album highlight “Slaves Beyond Death” to realize that there might not be an actual drumming behind the kit – because Lee Stanton is a machine gun. And while Dear Desolation isn’t necessarily a perfect metal record, it is the necessary evolution Thy Art Is Murder needed. They’ve reached new heights here, and it’s quite clear that the bar has been raised.

Make sure to peep the US tour dates below surrounding their tour with Decapitated, Fallujah, and Ghost Bath, which starts August 20th.

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Album review : Mat Bastard – LOOV


For those of you who don’t live in France (well, for every one of you), let’s introduce Mat Bastard. Mat has been the leader of french rock band Skip The Use, which popularity has been growing during the 2010’s, until the band’s breakup announcement by the end of 2016. With Shaka Ponk, they were the two bands that brought rock back to the mainstream radios or TV channels in France, and for this, we owe them a lot. But when Mat Bastard, charismatic leader of the late band, announced this album, we didn’t really know what to expect. A solo record is a hit-or-miss, and this one is clearly a hit. Did you think that the man would heed the siren song of commercial pop ? That he would botch it up in order to release a record as quickly as possible ? Well that is totally incorrect.
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Album Review: Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light

New York’s very own Death Metal pioneers, Suffocation, are back with their signature neck-breaking brutality and mind-bending technicality on their latest full-length album entitled “…Of The Dark Light.” With seven full-length albums and over two and half decades of experience under their belt, its needless to say fans have high expectations for a band that effortlessly is both a backbone in the roots of Death Metal and continues to be a driving force in modern extreme music. With so many classics and memorable albums throughout the years, we are left to contemplate how well “…Of The Dark Light” holds up in comparison to the rest of the Suffocation discography. Continue reading

Losing My Mind: Prison’s new EP is revitalizing nu-metal

Given the end (well, hiatus) of his previous extreme metal project Dark Sermon, vocalist Johnny Crowder knows a thing or two about the music industry. This is a guy who’s harnessed his craft locally, yet knows how to deliver a great performance every single night. And most notably, he’s overcome issues with mental health too – so it should be no surprised that he’s fronting Prison, a band that certainly veers toward the more nu-metal/metalcore side of the musical spectrum.

On the band’s new EP N.G.R.I., Prison has very little melody to be found. In its place is a bit more…insanity? That’s a fairly good word to describe it. If anything, the entire EP is a frantic view inside the “prison” of someone suffering from anxiety, the mental illnesses we can’t see or describe terribly well. NGRI, in a way, appears to be an audible form of mental catharsis for those who are suffering. It’s all presented in an exciting way, though.

For a completely independent band, Prison are already off to a hot start – and buoyed by a powerful lead single in “The Knife And The Dying Dream”, one can expect this project to take off rather quickly. Your mind can be a “prison”. But maybe, just maybe, Prison is your antidote.

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