TNF Premiere: Australian deathcore band Gravemind release full live set, playing “The Deathgate” in full

Australian metal band Gravemind are absolutely killing it right now. Armed with a new EP in The Deathgate and gaining traction all over their home continent, it’s only a matter of time before Gravemind become a household name globally.

We’re excited to team up with the band today for a full live set stream of The Deathgate being performed in its entirety. Check it out below, and if you’re not already convinced of their excellence, you will be.

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WATCH: Brand New’s full set at High & Low Festival

Fresh off of releasing their fifth (and likely final) studio album Science Fiction, Brand New headlined this year’s High & Low Festival on Saturday, performing to a packed audience at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California. Containing seven tracks off of Science Fiction which the band performed for the very first time, in addition to many fan favorites, Brand New’s set was nothing short of electrifying. If you were not fortunate enough to attend, you can experience the entire set through the fan-shot video below. Thanks to Deniz Davenport for live streaming the whole set!

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SKYHAVEN release infectious new track “Free”

Minnesota based progressive rock outfit Skyhaven have dropped a summer anthem.

The new track “Free” has an incredibly catchy melody that dances along to the guitar talent that Skyhaven is known for, but is also accompanied by a dance/club sort of beat that you can’t help but bump along to. Keston Wright’s vocals really fit the groove of the track nicely. The video is pretty unique as well. Producer Jude Aotik and director Jake Woodbridge really knew what they were doing when creating the visual.

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Watch: Counterparts, Gideon, & more play a house show in Tennessee

How killer are basement and house shows, really? Especially seeing a band that is currently slaying crowds on Warped in Counterparts, as well as hardcore favorites Gideon. It certainly has to be an experience. However, 6/28 was a rare off day for the tour, so while most bands took the travel day to properly rest, Counterparts were having none of it. Joined by the bands On Point and Many Rooms (who are phenomenal), they all played a house show in Tennessee. We were able to snag some video, which you can watch below. We’ll be adding a few more videos as well – so stay tuned! Even OL STONE COLD was in on the action.

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