A Conversation with Ben Lieber from Head North

PC: Courtney Kiara

Head North have had a whirlwind of a year and have finished it off with a bang. The 4-piece rock band from Buffalo not only released their first full-length record, The Last Living Man Alive Ever in the History of the World, this past summer, but they just finished off a cross-country tour with Trophy Eyes, Free Throw, and Grayscale. We were able to catch up with drummer Ben Lieber ahead of their Philadelphia show on December 15th.

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Joey Rubenstein (Icarus the Owl) Interview

The last few years have been busy for Icarus the Owl. The Portland progressive rock band signed to Blue Swan Records in 2015, and have continued to grow their fanbase while evolving their signature blend of progressive flashiness and soaring pop hooks. Fresh off of the release of their new album Rearm Circuits on December 1st, I talked to singer/guitarist Joey Rubenstein about the album, and what’s next for Icarus.

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SONG PREMIERE: Chanta – “Saint St.”

Southern California musician Chanta has carved out a name for himself with the instrumental band inthebackground, blending soothing melodies and technical excellence with a strong emotional center. Today, he steps out on his own for the first time with the premiere of his new single “Saint St.” I got the opportunity to catch up with Chanta to ask him about the song, and hear about his artistic process.

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Dawson Scholz of The Ongoing Concept: “If I’m not making music that I like, what is the point?”

The Ongoing Concept has had its share of ups and downs over their eight year career. Now in 2017, Dawson Scholz stands as the lone original member of the band, but that has not stopped the originality, nor the catchiness of The Ongoing Concept. With the band’s 3rd album, Places, coming out October 6th through Solid State Records, I had the opportunity to talk to Dawson about everything you need to know about himself and the band in 2017 including writing music you actually want to listen to and create, making every live show different, 2017/2018 plans and so much more!

Please note: this is the first in an ongoing collaboration between TNF and That Drummer Guy. For more in-depth conversations with some of your favorite bands, follow him on Youtube.

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