SONG PREMIERE: Chanta – “Saint St.”

Southern California musician Chanta has carved out a name for himself with the instrumental band inthebackground, blending soothing melodies and technical excellence with a strong emotional center. Today, he steps out on his own for the first time with the premiere of his new single “Saint St.” I got the opportunity to catch up with Chanta to ask him about the song, and hear about his artistic process.

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Dawson Scholz of The Ongoing Concept: “If I’m not making music that I like, what is the point?”

The Ongoing Concept has had its share of ups and downs over their eight year career. Now in 2017, Dawson Scholz stands as the lone original member of the band, but that has not stopped the originality, nor the catchiness of The Ongoing Concept. With the band’s 3rd album, Places, coming out October 6th through Solid State Records, I had the opportunity to talk to Dawson about everything you need to know about himself and the band in 2017 including writing music you actually want to listen to and create, making every live show different, 2017/2018 plans and so much more!

Please note: this is the first in an ongoing collaboration between TNF and That Drummer Guy. For more in-depth conversations with some of your favorite bands, follow him on Youtube.

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Live At Hellfest: Dan + Benji of Skindred discuss genre blurring, current musical climate

There was a point sometime in the summer of 2004 when I heard a track called “Nobody” for the first time. Having not been familiar (to that point) with Skindred’s mashup of reggae, hip-hop, and metal, there was a certain measure of both familarity (I grew up listening to rap-metal hybrids) and innovation in my eyes – while bands like Candiria and Bad Brains had worked similar styles before, there was something truly unique about what Skindred was doing on their debut album, Babylon.

Fast forward to 2017 and 5 more full-lengths later, and Skindred is now a proven veteran band who are continually releasing quality material – especially their most recent album, Volume. Continually pushing the envelope with their genre fusion, they seem to get better with time. Our French correspondent Thomas was able to catch up with Dan and Benji of Skindred live at Hellfest, where they discussed a litany of subjects. You can check out the full audio below.

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Interview: Chris Beattie of Hatebreed talks hardcore, 20th anniversary of “Satisfaction…”

Over the span of 20+ years, Connecticut metalcore/hardcore veterans Hatebreed have always embodied and channeled the spirit of overcoming obstacles and belief in yourself better than almost any band out there. 7 full-lengths, multiple Warped Tour stints, and even a cover album paying tribute to their musical heroes is just about all you can ask for from a band that’s been around as long as Hatebreed has. And given how good they still are (2016’s The Concrete Confessional was another rock solid release in their catalogue), Hatebreed’s music is more relevant than ever.

I recently talked to bassist Chris Beattie in July about the band’s history, playing to new crowds, and even the 20th anniversary of their landmark debut, Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire. Perhaps the band is plotting something special surrounding the album? Find out below. (Editor’s note: the celebration of the aforementioned album appears to be confirmed on The PRP as well.)

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