15 Bands That Deserve To Play Vans Warped Tour 2018

A few days ago, the Vans Warped Tour officially opened up their annual poll, crowdsourcing the bands that fans want to see on the 2018 edition of the summer festival. While it’s certain that thousands of submissions will be sent in, we’re issuing our own submissions of the bands we’d like to see, with our unscientific formula. The following bands have a recent record out, have one coming out soon, have a strong work ethic, and/or are touring heavily with some serious buzz surrounding them. We’re also including a specific reason or two why these bands should be on the tour. It also goes without saying that these choices are fairly realistic, considering that Vans Warped Tour is often the event that really “breaks” certain bands into the public consciousness. The notion of “deserving” an opportunity like this is up for debate, but all these bands have reasons why they should be playing big stages.

10 Bands, 50 bands, 100 bands, fuck it, man
Let’s just not even discuss it, man

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Stream the debut album from Swedish alt-metal newcomers, Noija

Reminiscent of compatriots Northlane, Sempiternal-era Bring Me The Horizon, and Bad Omens, Swedish band Noija have released their debut album, Colorblind. The album, which can be streamed in full below, straddles the line between modern rock, post-hardcore, and lush, atmospheric metalcore. And while Noija aren’t necessarily breaking new ground that previous bands haven’t stepped on before, they do have a bright future. Vocalist Nick Serlsted seems almost effortless behind the microphone, and given some time, he could be a major force in the music scene.

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TNF Premiere: German death metal band Necrotted share new song, “No War But Class War”

Traditionally, Germany has a proud metal history. Everyone from Accept, to Sodom, to the legendary Kreator have called the European country their home, and even today there’s no shortage of exciting acts to emerge from the country. Case in point, German death metal band Necrotted. Having been a solid unit since 2008, the band’s new album, Worldwide Warfare, is out October 27th through Rising Nemesis Records.

Containing 10 tracks that are laden with socio-political commentary, Worldwide Warfare is an album that is a punishing listen. Full of blast beats and occasional forays into slam and brutal death metal, Necrotted’s 3rd full-length is an album that fans of Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, and the like are going to want to check out. We’re amped to be premiering a new video from the album, “No War But Class War”. Check it out below, as well as links to preorder the record and connect with Necrotted.

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Music Industry Lesson #1956: How To Lose A Fan In 10 Seconds

Compared to even a decade ago, musicians really have to watch what they say publicly on the Internet. Your band probably isn’t selling that much in the way of albums, and any statement that is potentially controversial can potentially spread across social media in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Screenshots have no half-life, they exist forever.

There are also plenty of bands that have a somewhat unique online persona. There are those that seek to uplift and inspire (Real Friends, The Maine), use penis jokes as silly humor (Brojob), and calls to action and discussion (Forthteller, Emery, etc.). Then you have bands that use edgy humor to push the envelope. Sometimes this works – and sometimes it goes too far, especially when said “humor” ends up insulting to their audience.

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