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TNF Exclusive Premiere: Rising pop-punk band 5 Year Plan premiere new video for “Awkward Conversations”

5 Year Plan are headed for a big 2018 by releasing their debut music video for “Awkward Conversations”. The single was originally released in 2017 via Wilhelm Records, garnering a great response across the Internet. We’re stoked to be premiering the new video, which you can find below.

The punk rock quartet formed in 2016 between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge, LA. 5 Year Plan spent the bulk of 2017 playing shows with bands like Broadside, Gold Steps, The Weekend Classic and Hold Close. The group is currently in the studio recording their debut full length album.

Front man Dylan Frederick mentions: “We went back to the studio that we had recorded our first song ever entitled “Dear Me” just for a little rehearsal. The energy in the room was really flowing and then we pulled out the camera and started filming us playing Awkward and it was just a real personal environment and I think it’s cool that we get to show that side of the band with people.”

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Chelsea Grin begins recording 5th full-length in the studio, co-produced by Joshua Travis

    For long-time Chelsea Grin fans who felt their previous release Self-Inflicted was sort of a letdown, or fans who are convinced that the band lived and died with “Recreant” (nope), there is hope – the band is now in the studio recording their 5th full-length. Co-producing are Drew Fulk and Joshua Travis, the latter of which has been a part of many of your favorite bands (currently, Emmure). This is definitely exciting news as Travis’ acumen for technical proficiency puts him in rarefied air.

    Needless to say, people should be excited for this.

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North Carolina progressive death metal band Krosis release new video for “Immolation Fist”, announce Unique Leader Records debut

Few death metal-oriented record labels in the modern era are growing at a faster rate than Unique Leader Records. From playing host to “graduates” like Rings Of Saturn and Fallujah, to current risers like Ingested and Signs Of The Swarm, they’re certainly on the way up.

Given that many of their releases are solid quality for the genre, a new signing to the label is always worth a listen or two. That certainly applies to North Carolina progressive death metal band Krosis, whose new song “Immolation Fist” can be streamed below. FFO deathcore that is out of the narrow confines of the genre and death metal that pounds. Solem Vatem drops in March.

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