“5 Albums That Changed My Life” w/Jenny of Blameshift

I love bands that are on the rise. Their new album “Secrets” is a pretty solid rock album, and they’ve toured relentlessly with the likes of 12 Stones and Digital Summer. Vocalist Jenny Mann presented us with 5 albums that have really stuck with her through the years – check them out after the jump, along with a music video for their song “Secrets”.

5 albums that influenced me are:
1) Taking Back Sunday – ” Where You Want To Be”
Being from the same hometown was definitely what got me interested in TBS. But once I heard the music I was hooked for life. They were the pioneers of the new wave of rock ‘n roll in the early 2000’s.

2) Incubus – “Make Yourself”
Although they had put out records prior to this one, this was the first album that I became familiar with. It’s the kind of record that you can listen to front to back. Brandon Boyd is the type of singer that other singers look up to.

3) The Used – “In Love and Death”
I don’t think I took this album out of my CD player for a year straight. This was the music I wanted to make…it was emotional yet still fun. Bert is such a strong, captivating front man. I have always looked to him for inspiration.

4) Thrice – “Artist in the Ambulance”
This album was so my first dive into heavier music. I never knew heavy music could be so pretty until I heard this record. The vocal melodies and delivery really struck a chord with me and still do.

5) Alanis Morissette – “Jagged Little Pill”
I was very young but I remember hearing this album and thinking that I wanted to be a singer. Alanis was so strong and I always looked up to her for being unique and confident. She showed me that girls can kick ass in rock music just as much as guys could.