Review: Iron – “Abyss is Blind”


When it comes to fringe music, few styles, genres, or scenes draw as much attention (or criticism) as Noise. Based on the title of the genre itself, it’s often debated as to whether it can even be considered music at all, but regardless of what people think on the matter, Noise will be forever here to stay as long as there are listeners who are always looking to go further down the rabbit hole to discover new sounds on the fringe of what people are listening to.

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Second Hand Flower Shop – The Incorporeal Boy Review

Second Hand

In a world of increasingly homogenized pop productions and tastes, it can be all too easy to become overly comfortable, or even complacent, with the music one listens to. This only makes lo-fi music all the more important, as it serves to jar listeners from the comfort of over-manufactured, albeit accessible, mainstream musics, whether it be pop, rock, metal, or otherwise.

With The Incorporeal Boy, Second Hand Flower Shop reminds the casual listener of this maxim all the more with an unbeatable blend of twee pop and warm, lo-fi indie folk, tugging at even the most taught heart strings with hauntingly personal lyrics and beautifully somber harmonies. The sounds and atmospheres that one encounters on this album are at once immediate and intimate, aided by the production value as well as effectively downcast songwriting. For a listening experience that is both immersive and emotional, one could do a whole lot worse than this hidden gem, which, from me at least, comes highly recommended.
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-Andrew Oliver

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Welcome To Rockville 2015


Jacksonville, Florida is bringing back the fifth annual Welcome To Rockville festival on April 25th, and 26th. This year features the most eclectic lineup yet, bringing in some of the heaviest hitters in hard rock and metal, as well as a number of up and comers.

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Tom DeLonge, formerly of Blink-182, To Release New Music


Regardless of your feelings toward Blink-182, chances are you have seen Tom Delonge and former bandmates in the headlines, whether it be about the confusion surrounding his departure from the band or his revelation of communication with aliens, but in more recent and more relevant news: he will be releasing his debut solo album in the near future.

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