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    Essential Listening: Gates – “Bloom and Breathe”

    It’s almost November, which means most publications are starting to write down their year-end best-of lists. But I flat-out...

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Single Review: Sullivan – “What’s Good For The King”


There’s something fascinating about a band coming off of a long hiatus with new material. The members are usually the same, but the sound is different, and that means a lot of shifting of fanbases. You have your die-hard fans who don’t care what the music sounds like as long as the band still exists, the people who prefer the old stuff and pretend the new stuff doesn’t exist, and the people who never heard the old stuff in the first place and get a fresh taste of what the band is putting out.


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Vanna’s Davey Muise on Redemption, Friendship, and more


It’s always nice to see musicians getting along and forming friendships while on tour – especially in a scene that sometimes thrives on band drama and controversy. While checking out Beartooth’s headlining tour, I was very excited to see the entire lineup, which also included Alive Like Me, Sirens and Sailors, Sylar, and Vanna. All the bands brought down the house, but it was my first time seeing Vanna up close and personal like this, and I’ve got to say, they didn’t disappoint at all. There were countless stage dives, and I feel bad (not really) for the venue that probably had to clean up all the sweat off the floor. But I digress.

It’s even more interesting to talk to Vanna’s vocalist Davey Muise. After meeting him at Warped earlier this year, I gained a newfound respect for what he’s trying to accomplish, and their new album Void is a banger from start to finish. I got a chance to catch up with Davey after their set in Orlando, where we talked about the unique friendship he’s formed with Sylar’s Jayden Panesso, emotions, and the redemption of vocalist Jonny Craig (ex-Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, currently fronting Slaves). He had this to say multiple times – “Music owes you nothing. You owe music everything.”

Check out the interview after the jump.

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Essential Listening: Gates – “Bloom and Breathe”


It’s almost November, which means most publications are starting to write down their year-end best-of lists. But I flat-out guarantee that you’ll rewrite those once you hear Pure Noise Records most recent release, Gates’ stunning debut full-length, Bloom and Breathe. It may even be at the top of ours before the year is over. It’s that good.

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Single Review: Knuckle Puck – “Bedford Falls”

Knuckle Puck's new EP, While I Stay Secluded

Knuckle Puck’s new EP, While I Stay Secluded

I’ve been listening to Knuckle Puck for almost a year, and after questioning if the group confused the word “puck” with “punch”, I finally took it upon myself to look up the meaning of the band’s name:

“…the Knuckle-puck is pulled off by putting [a hockey] puck on its side and shooting it towards the net.”

While the hockey move gained popularity in the Disney movie The Mighty Ducks, the Chicago-based pop-punk quintet of the same name is scoring goals in the alternative music world, and they show no signs of slowing down.

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