EP Review: SkinKage – Tyrants

skinkage tyrants

Being their first release in 4 years the EP “Tyrants” has gained a lot of hype, and the hype is well deserved. Tyrants hits hard with 5 tracks that will make it impossible for you to not bang your head.

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Bands You Need To Know: Dragged By The Neck


North Carolina has a pretty sick music scene. With bands like Lifecurse, Auxilia, SkinKage, and Set For The Fall there are many different bands to check out and jam, just don’t forget about some of the bands just starting out. The first band that comes to mind is Dragged By The Neck.

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Show Review- Papertowns Record Release Tour

Exponent Manor

Nashville, TN

July 23, 2015

Photos by Nick Zimmer

Exponent Manor is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues in Nashville. Aside from the fact that it’s someone’s house & that house shows are awesome, the close proximity of the band and the crowd is something that just can’t be matched. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy going to shows at all different venues, but any show that lacks a barrier and has no real stage ranks high on my list of favorites. There are multiple shows going on at Exponent every week and I’m fortunate to live nearby. Read on to hear about the bands that played last night!

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