Metalcore: An Introduction


Our new series called An Introduction chronicles the important bands of genres and decades. It might cover what you grew up listening to – or what your parents grew up listening to. First up? It’s metalcore – arguably the most commercially successful genre of heavy music around today. With bands like Underoath and As I Lay Dying charting in the Billboard Top 10 in the last decade, these bands and albums may have made a huge commercial impact (some not so much, unfortunately), but all are important for their own reasons. Stay tuned for an overview of the genre.

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Sworn In “I Don’t Really Love You” Single Review


Change is a scary thing. It’s never a true guarantee that things will get better if you do something different. When it comes to music, that holds especially true. There’s rarely a happy medium for bands that change up their sound. It’ll either go over great or crash and burn. Most of the time, it’ll do both for the rabid fan bases that they work so hard to build.

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