Heavy Metal Grandma invited on stage at Five Finger Death Punch show

Remember the guy who auditioned on America’s Got Talent with Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”? Of course you do – it was a viral sensation. Now you can add a 70 year old fan at a Five Finger Death Punch show to that list. The unnamed woman was even brought on stage during the band’s show, proving that metal indeed has zero age restrictions.

Five Finger Death Punch is deep into a tour with In Flames and Of Mice & Men as well – check out both the video and tour dates below.

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Carol Of The Breakdowns: Disneyland just used August Burns Red’s version of the Christmas classic, “Carol Of The Bells”

It’s barely a month until Christmas, which means many are already hanging up lights and elaborate displays, and stores like Wal-Mart and Target have had red and green splattered across their stores for half a year now. The season also means it’s a good time to listen to August Burns Red’s holiday album, Sleddin’ Hill. The 2012 release, which had the band instrumentally shredding through Christmas standards, was just featured at Disneyland California. Check out the video below and get your snowy shred on.

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A petition to have My Chemical Romance close the final Warped Tour has surfaced on the Internet

Whether you were a massive fan of them or not, My Chemical Romance had (and still has) a rabid fanbase that would probably erupt like a volcano if they ever got back together. Despite being inactive for quite a few years, there’s still a smidge of hope that the band might reunite someday.

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