Watch: Here’s 45 seconds of a new song from Volumes (Live)

The new song from Volumes released a few days ago (“On Her Mind”, feat. Pouya) has garnered a mixed, but somewhat positive reception. It’s a bit of a departure from Volumes, but it’s a good example of a band not afraid to cross genre boundaries. Hot on the heels of the aforementioned song comes a 45 second snippet of what is another new, unreleased song – possibly called “Left For Dead”. By comparison, it sounds much heavier than “On Her Mind”, so when it’s released, it might appeal more to the older fans of the band. Regardless, the hype train is on once again.

You can check out the song below – the band’s new album, Different Animals, drops June 9th.

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Watch: Suicide Silence LIVE in San Antonio

We don’t have to tell you twice – the backlash of what Suicide Silence is doing with their upcoming self-titled album is basically something the metal scene hasn’t seen in 15 years. It really does seem like 95% of people despise the new direction, and newish single “Silence” currently has a dislike/like ratio of over 2:1. That’s not good. The band is attempting to channel the likes of Korn and Deftones, and while that’s admirable, it just doesn’t seem to work for them.

Below, you can find a live video of the band playing in San Antonio, and the results are…well, we’ll let you decide for yourself. We can say, though, that the crowd seems really not into it. This is a band that recently used to sell out HUGE venues – and it will only fuel the fire of fans who think the band died with Mitch Lucker. That may not necessarily be true, but the results aren’t looking good right now.

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Watch: Dayseeker plays new song live (Full Set!)

California-based post-hardcore band Dayseeker are quite an underrated talent in the music scene. They’re a band that should honestly be much bigger – the brand of post-hardcore (bordering on metalcore) that they play blends both heavy and light together pretty effectively, in ways that never seem tacked on or boring. Rory Rodriguez is clearly a strong point, as he’s one of the most capable and creative vocalists on the scene. And given the band’s already two strong releases (Origin // What It Means To Be Defeated), maybe the move to Spinefarm Records for album 3 will spark the band to become a household name. Given that the band is supporting Silent Planet’s headlining tour, good things are already coming fast.

The band recently started playing a new song live. You can watch below a full 25 minute set, where they play the yet untitled track as their opening salvo. Stunningly, this live video captures the band at their passionate best. You can check the remaining tour dates below – this is a tour you won’t want to miss.

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Rediscovered: Slipknot – “Slipknot”

Has it really been 18 years since Slipknot’s groundbreaking self-titled debut album was released on an unsuspecting public? Indeed. For many (myself included), this was one of the heaviest records I’d ever heard at the time. And even though it was promoted as a nu-metal record, Slipknot’s influences were far more than that – the industrial metal of Fear Factory/Prong and the punishing groove metalcore of Pantera’s middle period loomed larger here than anything. Vocalist Corey Taylor is ferocious here on all counts, but his sense of occasional melody also helped the band stand out.

Simply put, Slipknot’s debut record is one of the heaviest albums ever put to tape. It really does borderline on death metal at times. But there’s enough melody (an aspect of their sound that would be touched on greatly in future albums) on songs like “Wait And Bleed” and even “Spit It Out” to make the album somewhat accessible to newer fans who might not be used to something this abrasive. Because let’s be honest, the mainstream hadn’t seen or heard an album, or even a band this heavy since Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven in 1994. And maybe the album is a bit long. But there really isn’t much filler here – electronic and industrial tracks like “Me Inside” are interesting experiments, to say the least. In fact, they border on unsetlling, and contribute heavily to the music’s overall vibe.

You can argue that maybe sophomore album Iowa is an even better work that expands on all that Slipknot does well, but at the same time, Iowa was an expected quantity. The world was ready for it. But nobody, and I mean nobody, was quite ready for this landmark debut album. 18 years later, it remains an important stepping stone in the history of metal. And if you’re going to place it in the category of nu-metal, the album belongs near, or possibly at the top.

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