Review: Crown The Empire – “Retrograde”

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A band’s third album is sometimes more important than the sophomore record. In the case of Crown The Empire, that especially holds true. Their 2014 album Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways charted in the Billboard Top 10 (which is pretty incredible), and the band started headlining some absolutely massive tours. They’re playing the main stage at Warped all summer as well – so where is the band going from here? The answer is Retrograde.

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Do deathcore bands use the same riffs?


Deathcore (a genre of music that’s been around for over a decade and is the merging of death metal and hardcore) has been much maligned in recent years, and in general. It’s an often repetitive, watered-down style of music that is criticized by music critics as being bland, hokey, and overblown. The good news is, though, that bands like Whitechapel, Despised Icon (one of the pioneers of the genre – also just released their comeback album, Beast), Carnifex, and Suicide Silence (specifically on 2011’s The Black Crown) continue (or have continued) to further the genre in different and intriguing ways.

The repetitious nature of the genre, though, is fairly obvious. A Youtuber named Zero_Life_Left has put together a musically-inclined analysis of songs from established, veteran acts like Oceano, Martyr Defiled, The Acacia Strain (don’t call them deathcore, please), A Night In Texas, Thy Art Is Murder, along with newer acts like Towers and Florida’s own Noose. There’s even a cameo from Volumes at the end of the video.

It raises an interesting question. Is deathcore more repetitive than we thought? Check out the video below, and sound off in the comment section with your thoughts.

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Exclusive Video Premiere: The World To Come – “Scribe Of Thoth”


We’re excited to be partnering up with Famined Records progressive deathcore/metal band The World To Come for the premiere of their new single, “Scribe Of Thoth”. The single comes from their new album, The Cartesian, due out September 30th. Check out the video for the song below. It’s a good mix of the more classic-era deathcore sound, combined with more melodic leads and tones overall. Might be jarring at first, but don’t let that stop you from checking out these talented musicians.

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