Album Review: Ghost Key – “If I Don’t Make It”

Easily an overlooked band in the scene, Ghost Key has just released their first full length album and with past releases a standard has been built up for this group and with this album they have met expectations and even more. Stay tuned for our thoughts of this melodic hardcore record.

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Watch: Oceans Ate Alaska debut US show w/new vocalist Jake Noakes

You’ll be able to catch the band live on the Born Of Osiris tour in the USA, but Oceans Ate Alaska are gaining traction across the pond – and fast. The band, who also played Warped Tour last year, recently gained a new vocalist, Jake Noakes. Below, you’ll be able to view a LIVE video of Jake’s first performance in the USA. Be sure to leave your thoughts on his performance, too! The band also announced they’re headlining Tech-Fest in the UK this summer.

Full tour dates available below, too.

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Watch: Too Close To Touch plays “Eiley” live @ Chain Reaction

Of the many bands playing a hybridization of alternative rock and post-hardcore in 2017, you have to consider Too Close To Touch one of best. 2 albums into their brief careers, they’re already selling out multiple dates on their co-headliner w/Waterparks, frontman Keaton Pierce has proven himself to be a powerhouse vocalist, and TCTT have written songs that their peers would kill to write – namely the grand finale to their most recent album, “Eiley”.

We already know what the song is about. If you don’t, look it up. But it’s a song that, to our knowledge, hasn’t been performed live before this tour. Given the crushing subject matter, it’s not surprising. As they say, however, there is catharsis and healing in emotion. And given the band’s passionate performance of the song, this tour won’t be one to forget.

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Unity in Music: A Tribute to Amos’ Southend

Amos’ Southend has been a huge part in loads of local bands’ success. Not just hosting some nationwide acts, Amos’ was home to the local metal scene. Countless shows were hosted to showcase the talent of the Carolinas. But the norm for Charlotte has been the departure of venues. Sadly this is the case for Amos’, but we don’t want to stay in the negative. Let’s remember Amos’ for the awesome venue that it was.

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