Three Cheers For (Twenty) Years: The Evolution of New Found Glory

Eight full-length albums and 20 years into their careers, you pretty much know what you’re going to get from a New Found Glory record – solid pop-punk with lots of energy and even a little melodic hardcore influence (evident in their later material, most recently 2014’s Resurrection. This is by no means a bad thing – though the band never really set out to reinvent the wheel or anything like that, the Florida pop-punk veterans are as successful as they’ve ever been, interestingly trying out playing their albums in full on a recent tour.

While the band’s debut album and 2002 breakout album Sticks And Stones are likely New Found Glory’s most loved albums, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying Catalyst and even Coming Home just the same. Given that the band has remained fairly consistent but has also continually evolved over the years, perhaps now is the time to watch a 3-minute video put together by Reckless Promotions, which charts the history of the band, starting with the fan favorite “Hit Or Miss”. If you’ve been a fan of the band for years (or are even a fairly recent newcomer to New Found Glory), this will probably be of interest of you. Their 9th studio album, Makes Me Sick, is out in 2 days.

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Josh James (Stick To Your Guns/ex-Evergreen Terrace) is apparently part of the reformed Eighteen Visions

In case you missed it, on April 20th, Eighteen Visions announced officially their reformation and signing to Rise Records for the release of XVIII, their first album in 11 years. Initial single “Oath” (which you can listen to here” is a clear throwback to the early days of the band, especially the Vanity era, where the incendiary OC metalcore band really made their mark on the scene.

It’s also apparent that, according to a recent Twitter post by Josh James himself, that he’s a part of the reformed Eighteen Visions project as the band’s second guitarist. We’re not sure exactly if he’s a member of the band on recording or simply a touring member of the band, though the latter is a bit more likely with Wikipedia listing him as a touring member. The Stick To Your Guns axeman, Casey Jones member, and ex-founding member of Evergreen Terrace was in the music video for “Oath”, though – so maybe this isn’t a temporary thing. Regardless, Eighteen Visions is back, and the fact that Josh James is part of it makes things even more exciting.

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17 years ago today, Papa Roach released major-label debut album, “Infest”

The year 2000 was admittedly a fantastic year for fans of alt-rock, hip-hop, and especially nu-metal. 3 of the latter genre’s biggest releases in Hybrid Theory, White Pony, and Papa Roach’s sophomore album Infest infiltrated the mainstream. And while many fans of the band perceive Papa Roach to have fallen off a bit after this album, they’ve still continued to release very strong material, especially on 2015’s F.E.A.R. and its predecessor The Connection.

For a long time, many of these songs were all over rock radio and video game & movie soundtracks, from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 to Queen Of The Damned. “Last Resort” in particular is still all over rock radio, proving that old habits die hard. Infest is the band’s most successful release, going triple platinum in the USA and still maintaing a presence as one of the better albums under the nu-metal banner. Tracks like “Dead Cell” and “Revenge” show that Infest has also aged well, not sounding outdated or ancient after 17 years.

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PVRIS play free show in Brooklyn, NY, teasing cryptic album #2?

The anticipation for alternative pop/rock band PVRIS’s new album and even any news about new material have both been eaten up by the band’s cult fanbase – the
one that’s swelled to a fever pitch since 2014’s White Noise was released. Music Mayhem Magazine has been on top of the situation for the last few days, and the band played a free show in Brooklyn, NY late last night as part of the Steve Madden Music Concert Series, footage of which you can find below.

Twitter is ablaze with both the band blacking out all of their social media accounts, as well as fans receiving VIP packages and/or merch items online have been receiving cryptic items that appear to show the release of a new album coming soon.

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