The New Fury interviews All-Bass Band Extinction Level Event


It is almost a rarity to find a metal band doing something unique, but anyone who has listened to Extinction Level Event could continuously elaborate on every quality that makes this band stand out from others. The fact that they’re an all-bass band alone is a striking factor, but it’s the insane amount of groove and rhythm that correlates with the heavy sound that is what truly sticks with the listener. Anyone can form an all-bass band, but the creative minds behind Extinction Level Event made this project into a notorious force – with plenty of clank.

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Captivator’s EP “Finite” is Taking Florida by Storm


Captivator is a local metal/hardcore band from Tampa, Florida who combines intense vocals with even more intense breakdowns and chaotic guitar parts. Their most recent release “Finite” has quickly taken off in Tampa and has earned them recognition with many booking managers and larger bands.

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