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Interview: Nine Volt Heart

nine volt heart

I had the opportunity to talk to the guys in the indie-punk band, Nine Volt Heart, from Yorkshire. Their latest release, The Miracle Kids, has received some positive attention, and there’s a reason why. Check it out as we talk about inspirations, the release and reception of their album, fear, and so much more!
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Interview: Gary Mader of Eyehategod


Over a decade without an album? The passing of their beloved drummer and friend, Joey LaCaze? Most bands would be swallowed by the pressure situations like this bring – but not the long-running Louisianan outfit Eyehategod, whose new self-titled album is a tremendous shot in the arm to a music scene that desperately missed them.

I had the opportunity to interview bass player Gary Mader about everything from the state of music in 2014, to some of his favorite bands growing up. Check it out after the jump! It’s pretty enlightening.

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Interview: Jeffrey Lohrber of Enabler


“Volatile” is probably the best word to describe Enabler’s new album La Fin Absolue Du Monde. It’s one of the most intense punk/metal/hardcore/whatever records you’ll find this year, and luckily for me, I was able to interview Jeffrey Lohrber of Enabler right before Eyehategod played their stellar set at The Orpheum. I can’t thank Liz at Earsplit PR enough for recommending this band to me – see them live and you won’t regret it, either. Check out the interview after the jump – it’s a good one.

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Interview: Page Hamilton of Helmet


They’ve influenced most of your favorite bands over the last 20+ years, and they’re currently on tour supporting Filter. They’ve released highly important records in Meantime and Aftertaste, but let’s be honest – all of their records are pretty important. I’m talking, of course, about Helmet – who have made intense and challenging music for over 2 decades now. I had the chance to talk to Page Hamilton of Helmet via phone call – you can check out our conversation after the jump. The best thing about talking to him was discussing how important creative freedom is in the music industry – it’s everything. Be sure to catch them out on tour with Filter and Local H if it’s coming to your town!

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Interview: Chris Brown of Trapt


They’re currently on their lengthy self-titled tour right now, and Trapt wants you to become part of their DNA too! Be sure to check out their IndieGogo campaign for their new album Reborn! You can find things like VIP meet and greet passes and handwritten lyrics in the campaign, right here.

I had the great opportunity to interview vocalist Chris Brown of Trapt after the show. It’s always pretty awesome to be able to talk to someone you grew up listening to on the radio and in your stereo. It should be noted that seeing them play the album live in its entirety isn’t something you’re likely to see for a long time, so if you get the chance, you need to see them on tour. You can check out the interview with Chris after the jump!

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Show Review: Palaver Thursday – July 17th


If you were in the East Nashville area and heard the sound of trumpets, saxophones, and just purely amazing reggae music, then chances are you were hearing some of the phenomenal bands that took part in this week’s Palaver Thursday show at Foobar, put on by Palaver Records, Soundstamp, and Starr Hill Brewery.

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Review: Suicide Silence – “You Can’t Stop Me”





RATING: 8.5/10You_Can't_Stop_Me_(Suicide_Silence)


With the tragic 2012 death of vocalist Mitch Lucker, Suicide Silence’s future was held in question. That question was answered with an announcement that Eddie Hermida (All Shall Perish) would be stepping up to fill Lucker’s role. On 2014’s You Can’t Stop Me, Hermida inherits the crown and wears it like the rightful heir.  Continue reading