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Interview: Jonathan Gallant (Billy Talent)


Warped Tour 2013 was seriously one of the most fun 2 days of my life – the chance to meet and see so many bands was nothing short of awesome. I was able to chat with Jonathan Gallant of Billy Talent about music, Warped experiences, and how the reception has been to audiences in the US. Good times. Their 5th album (if the album every 3 years cycle continues, it’ll be released in 2015) should be fantastic. Check out the interview after the jump!

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Interview: Jackson Benge (Hed PE)


Celebrating 20 years of existence this year, metal/punk/reggae/whatever you want to call them band Hed PE has shown incredible longevity in today’s ever-changing musical landscape. Their new album, Evolution, stays true to their roots – fusing their trademark blend of metal, rap, and reggae into something that offers something for every fan they’ve acquired over the last 2 decades.

I had the chance to interview Jackson Benge of Hed PE a while before they took the stage back in July, and I have to say, it was pretty cool talking about the history of the band with him, as well as finding out we both LOVE John Corabi’s work with Motley Crue (as well as being mutually huge Crue fans too). Check it out after the jump.

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Interview: Alesana


Raleigh, North Carolina’s own Alesana turns 10 years old in October. It’s certainly been a crazy ride for the band, who currently have 4 full lengths and 2 EP’s released (their untitled 5th album will likely release in the first quarter of 2015). I had the chance to see them on the Decade Tour (along with the excellent Megosh), The Things They Carried, and The Funeral Portrait. Along with attending the show, I was able to interview the band a few hours before their set, where we talked about a lot of metal. Who knew these guys would be super into Fear Factory and The Black Dahlia Murder? Check it out after the jump, and stay tuned for news on the new album.

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