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Venue – The Syndicate Lounge Location – Birmingham, Alabama Date – March 24th, 2017 –  Local melodic hardcore band, Meadows, were releasing their first full length record “Likewise”. They performed the entire album front to back at the show. Videos … Continue reading

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Watch: Stick To Your Guns becomes the first American hardcore band to play in Kenya

Veteran American hardcore band Stick To Your Guns have accomplished a litany of things in their decade+ of existence – touring almost everywhere, releasing successful albums, and being a beacon of hope and intelligence certainly has landed the band a spot in the hearts of many. Not to mention being one of the first big bands on Sumerian Records.

Now, however, the band has accomplished something even bigger – thanks to the Hardcore Help Foundation, Stick To Your Guns will forever be known as the first American hardcore band to play in Kenya. Without mincing words, that is really fucking cool. To be perfectly honest, this is the kind of thing that hardcore needs more of – solidarity between persons of all colors, orientations, and races. It’s more important than album sales, chart numbers, and t-shirts sold. The band, which is playing the Vans Warped Tour all summer long again, has released video of this event, which you can find below. No One Is Illegal.

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Intuition: Northlane’s “Mesmer” and the power of viral marketing

Given the very positive reception that Northlane’s surprise album Mesmer has garnered in the last few days, it’s only fair to also talk about the captivating viral marketing campaign that went into it. It’s clear it played a part in hyping up the album for a surprise release that most didn’t see coming – whether it was the cryptic messages or even the Facebook Bot, the successful release of the album is a tribute to the power of strategic and cryptic marketing.

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Danish progressive metalcore band Ghost Iris’s tour van robbed

Ugh. We hate hearing about these sorts of things – it really does take a bold, depraved person to break into anyone’s vehicle and steal their belongings, but even moreso when the target is a touring band. Danish progressive metalcore band Ghost Iris, who just released a new record, Blind World, had their touring vehicle robbed while on tour in Italy. GHost Iris aren’t going to let this event stop them from playing their next show in Vicenza, though! You can find the band’s new album, as well as an official statement from the band, below – they definitely need your support right now, whether it’s in the form of buying merch, a CD, or even throwing them your leftover money via Paypal, the band will surely appreciate anything you can do. Get on it!

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