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Interview: Marmozets


Marmozets is a band you seriously need to hop aboard the hype train for. Though hardly 3 years into being a band, their highly successful Warped Tour run (and debut album, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, due out September 29th) has them poised for massive things. Even better? They’re touring with Issues in the USA later this year.

The fact that I had a chance to talk to the band at Warped was even better. I feel like a tour with Rolo Tomassi would be pretty spiffy – so here’s hoping. Meanwhile, check out the interview we did with the band in St Pete, Florida. Get to know them more – and get hyped for their debut album coming your way soon.

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Keeping it Rolling: Lucid Scream Review


Let’s face it. Innovation is hard. Today, it’s arguably harder than it’s ever been. In wake of so many breakthroughs and revolutions already behind us, it seems that reinventing the wheel is nigh impossible.

That being said, this is not a sermon to cast fire and brimstone upon new and inspired musicians, quite the opposite, in fact. While reinventing the wheel is more unlikely in this day and age, it can be of near and equal importance just to keep the wheel moving, that is, to take an idea, a tradition, a genre, and do it really, really well, with sincerity, authenticity, and genuine passion.

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Unsigned & On The Rise: Our Blue Lights

Our Blue Lights, a indie/punk band from Southern Pines, North Carolina has released a new music video for their new single “Cold City.” Their debut self titled album will be released on August 29th of 2014.

I have had the chance to personally know these guys, and they’re some of the most hard working, talented, and determined group of musicians I have had the pleasure of knowing. They are for sure On The Rise. Check out their new music video!

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Album Review: COLUMNS – “Please Explode”

"Please Explode" - Relapse Records 2014

With their Relapse Records debut, North Carolina’s COLUMNS deliver a merciless assault of Southern-styled grind and groove on their latest full length release, aptly titled “Please Explode”. This NC foursome, comprised of members from current (and former) heavyweights Wretched, Glass Casket, and fellow Relapse grinders Hemdale, breathe a venomous breath of fresh air into an otherwise more ‘traditionalist’ genre. I must admit, it has been a hefty minute since i have truly enjoyed a grind record as much as I do with Please Explode.

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