Who’s really behind the mask? Find out with alt-rock act Lummox’s debut music video, “Burn”

Hoods and cloaks are often worn for mostly one reason – to disguise the figure wearing them, as well as providing a sense of mystery of just who might be behind the mask. Much like Slipknot, Mushroomhead, and presently Sleep Token, Lummox does just that with their debut music video for “Burn”. Stylistically, “Burn” is similar to current electronic-driven rock acts like Starset, Celldweller, and the like. Lummox has burst onto the scene with potentially something very special. What’s most interesting about the act, though, is that it’s unclear if Lummox is a band, a one-man project, or something different entirely. After all, a faceless entity just might be someone you already know, if you look hard enough.