Watch: Oliver Sykes joins While She Sleeps on stage for “Silence Speaks”

Going independent for album release #3, Sheffield metallic hardcore band While She Sleeps are essentially betting on themselves with the release of You Are We, released on Friday. Early results and accolades are throwing heaps of praise upon the band’s continually evolving sound, lying somewhere between metal, punk, hardcore, and rock, and the track “Silence Speaks” (which features BMTH’s Oliver Sykes) has even turned new fans onto the Sleeps brand. Their success has been a hard earned journey, to be sure.

To celebrate the album release, the band played their song “Silence Speaks” during a live set at the iconic Plug venue in Sheffield, and guess who joined them? None other than Oliver Sykes, to perform the song live. Check out the video below, along with the aforementioned track. The future is now for While She Sleeps.