Volumes tackle self-doubt in bouncy new song, “Weighted”

With a new album coming out next year and a revamped lineup, Volumes have released a series of singles this year. The band’s new song, “Weighted”, is their third new track of 2020 – and it packs some serious punch both musically and lyrically. It’s relatable to anyone that’s ever had self-doubt creep in when it comes to the things they pursue and create in life, whether it’s making music or even just getting that promotion you want at work.

“Weighted” is another new song off the band’s upcoming album due out in 2021, and while there’s no release date or title for it just yet, the synergy between vocalists Myke Terry and Michael Barr is pretty impressive.

About the new song, the band had this to say:

We just released our latest track “Weighted”. This song is about self-doubt and the shortcomings that come with any type of success – it’s about the ups and the downs in life and the interpersonal and irrational conversation you have about convincing yourself into doing things.