Vans Warped Tour reveals whether My Chemical Romance, Blink-182 will be performing for the final Warped Tour

While speculation has been flying regarding which bands are taking part in the final cross-country Warped Tour in 2018, it’s likely Kevin Lyman will go full-stop in ensuring its final lineup is one to remember. And while there are undoubtedly certain bands that fans would love to see reunited, the fact is that some reunions just aren’t happening.

For instance, that MCR reunion every superfan has been dying to see? Not happening, according to the official Vans Warped Tour Twitter. Blink-182? Probably not. Paramore? Likely touring on their own.

There is a silver lining, though. Some of the above choices are unrealistic, but have you seen who they’re not ruling out? A Day To Remember. Knocked Loose. Less Than Jake. And countless other bands that are staples. Regardless of how much fans love to complain about the lineup (and go anyway), it’s not like the final Warped Tour will be boring. March 1st is coming soon.