Twitter Calls to Ban Jonny Craig from his Income with Trending Hashtag #TwitchBanJonnyCraig

Jonny Craig

Hot off the heels of a scandal, Jonny Craig is seemingly public enemy number one as of tonight. Twitter account @elijahdaniel has spearheaded the hashtag #TwitchBanJonnyCraig to get the singer off the platform.

Craig has allegedly been making public threats on his Twitch streams, which does violate Twitch’s Terms of Service. Elijah went on to link some evidence, taken by Twitter account @yikessmydude:

Whether Twitch will take action or not is to be seen, but the evidence appears to be pretty damning. One tweet from Elijah mentions that Twitch is seemingly Craig’s main source of income; based on the amounts in donations in the aforementioned evidence videos, this appears to be true, as Jonny makes a considerable chunk of change in these shots.

As more of this story unfolds, we will bring updates within this article. Please be civil in any discussion.