Twenty One Pilots Ignite the Amalie Arena (Photo // Review)

Twenty One Pilots have re-emerged from the trenches. Their 5th full-length album Trench has taken them on the road once again, and their dazzling live performance is not to be missed. On a sold out run continuing into 2019, after their brief break earlier this year they show no signs of slowing down. The night began when Max Frost had taken the stage his solo act filling the room, then Awolnation graced the stage giving the crowd all they had using the catwalk to their advantage.

Twenty One Pilots set the crowd in a frenzy as they had taken the stage, their sold out crowd adorned in their signature colors. The Clique was back in full force, many had camped out in the elements facing the ever changing Florida weather for the past few days and were still going strong. But a sense of camaraderie builds when awaiting for your favorite band, and it was evident when the lights went down that they had become a family.

Lifting the curtain to Jumpsuit and smoothly transitioning into Levitate, this was a metaphorical dystopian wasteland, and Twenty One Pilots were leading you through the aftermath. The crowd singing word for word, through hits like Lane Boy, Stressed Out, and Fairly Local. Twenty One Pilots are unparalleled they put on a unique show entirely their own, getting feet first into the crowd.

They get up close and personal with their fans, Tyler walking on top of the crowd. Josh’s drums being lifted into the crowd and playing on top of the riser in a sea of devoted fans. But during their set they did strip it down, Tyler’s fingers dancing along the piano keys as Josh kept up on the drums. Their projections displaying on the screen, their dazzling lights, and even in the most intense moments intimate. Especially with the stripped down version of My Blood which was an obvious fan favorite. What makes Twenty One Pilots shows so special is their interactions with their fans, it feels genuine. The arena singing word for word during their cover with Awolnation and Max Frost of Hey Jude and Iris. All three taking the stage as they gave the crowd time to sit down an enjoy the experience. They made sure that the fans new they were still the two men from Ohio, and in the quieter moments they truly shined. As they reiterate throughout the night this show is for the fans, Tyler and Josh just bring it to life in their cities. They closed out the show with a slew of goodbyes, but they will be back next year to continue their Bandito Tour.