Tracing Back Roots: Counting down the 10 best We Came As Romans songs

Through 5 distinct records and subtle stylistic changes, post-hardcore band We Came As Romans have made a huge name for themselves in the music scene, culminating in 2017’s career-defining Cold Like War album. The tragically devastating passing of vocalist Kyle Pavone just a few months ago was certainly heartbreaking – even his haunting second-to-last tweet still sends chills down the spine.

We’re excited to count down 10 of the band’s best songs. At least one song has been culled from each of the band’s 5 full-lengths to date, and there might even be a few surprises in here as well. Take a read below. Feel free to agree, disagree, etc.

Honorable Mentions:

“Conditions” (Dreams, 2008)

“Hope” (Tracing Back Roots, 2013)

“Roads That Don’t End And Views That Never Cease” (To Plant A Seed, 2009)

“Never Let Me Go” (Tracing Back Roots, 2013)

“Regenerate” (We Came As Romans, 2015)

“Fade Away” (Tracing Back Roots, 2013)

#10: “Beliefs” (To Plant A Seed, 2009)

“Have faith in life.”

#9: “Promise Me” (Cold Like War, 2017)

“Will I be remembered or will I be lost in loving eyes?”

#8: “A War Inside” (Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be, 2011)

“I still believe that we were made for more.”

#7: “Vultures With Clipped Wings” (Cold Like War, 2017)

“Vultures With Clipped Wings” is David Stephens at his most ferocious. It’s a great way to kick off an excellent album, too.

#6: “Tracing Back Roots” (Tracing Back Roots, 2013)

One of the best songs off the underrated Tracing Back Roots record, the album’s title track once again describes how the band’s trials and tribulations made them better for the hardships they endured along the way.

#5: “Broken Statues” (To Plant A Seed, 2009)

“Broken Statues” is one of the highlights of To Plant A Seed, metaphorically describing the need to refresh worn-out and broken statues. Simple, yet relatable and effective.

#4: “Encoder” (Cold Like War, 2017)

“Encoder” manages to blaze new trails on the latest WCAR record, with its electronic-heavy metalcore stomp sounding closer to something Pendulum would do more than anything else. While the band’s electronic influences have always been evident, the two seemingly disparate genres were never better than on “Encoder”. It’s a moshpit-starter, to be sure.

#3: “To Move On Is To Grow” (single, 2010)

The single that really broke the band out (and set the stage for their anticipated sophomore record), “To Move On Is To Grow” is an uplifting song with a killer chorus. The well-written lyrics are instantly relatable to anyone who’s ever struggled to grow into the best version of themselves.

#2: “To Plant A Seed” (To Plant A Seed, 2009)

The title track to the band’s 2009 debut album, “To Plant A Seed” is a positive anthem that essentially tells the story of how We Came As Romans formed (“Four years ago, we planted a seed”), as well as uses the metaphor of a tree growing branches into their subsequent evolution. “My future started with the first note that I ever played.”

#1: “Lost In The Moment” (Cold Like War, 2017)

Given the gravity of Kyle Pavone’s passing, “Lost In The Moment” carries on a different vibe than it did previously. While already the centerpiece of their record Cold Like War, it’s arguably the best-written We Came As Romans song to date. The song may be rather simple lyrically – being “lost” in life’s precious moments – but knowing those moments are often few and fleeting makes them more special to us. After all, the next time you see someone could well be the last time you do.

The chorus in this song is especially great, though. On Cold Like War, Pavone’s voice really reached a new level of excellence, displaying emotional vulnerability as well as a genuinely effective spirit and vibe. With this combination in mind, you might well call “Lost In The Moment” the band’s anthem right now.