TourSmart aspires to revolutionize, become the Yelp of the music world


Noble ideas often come from unexpected sources. If you’re an active touring musician currently, have been in the past, or have any sort of job in the music scene, you know there’s plenty of promoters that are really good at what they do, even more of those in the middle, and some that are, well, shady and/or inexperienced. What if there was a way to rate a show promoter for a good (or bad!!!) service? If they paid you an agreed-upon amount of money and went above and beyond, they should be rewarded for their effort with more services. Consequently, if a promoter isn’t providing a good service, it’s a good way to let other bands know how to avoid doing business with. Let’s be honest with ourselves, if you know anyone who’s been in a touring band, you know there’s plenty of promoters who should probably find another career.

Started up by two prominent touring musicians and a journalist who’s seen firsthand bands getting stiffed while on tour, TourSmart will be the system that rewards good promoters, makes bad ones think twice about shortchanging touring bands, and establishes a point of contact between the tour bookers, promoters, and bands. Below, you can view a 30 second video describing what TourSmart is bringing to the table. Rest assured, the campaign will be more fleshed out in the coming days and weeks, but make no mistake – TourSmart is going to revolutionize the music industry, and provide invaluable services found nowhere else. Do you have any ideas on how to potentially improve the services? Ideas are being actively serviced right now, so submit any of yours to, and help make this campaign even better.

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