Top Ten Unsigned Bands (Nationwide) 2014

1976945_646872258693403_1914916275_nOn May 13th we launched the first round poll for our Top Ten Unsigned Bands (Nationwide) voted by you the reader.The top ten winners were set to be interviewed by the site, a full bio on the site, airplay on Sick World Radio and be entered in round 2. The final winner of round 2 gets offered a record contract from Drop A Records based out of Canada. Round one ended yesterday (results below) and round 2 will launch on July 12th.


Thank you to everyone who submitted, voted and took part on this. It got narrowed down to quite a good mix of bands. Be sure to keep you eye out for Round 2, the bios and be sure to check out all these bands out.


THE TOP TEN: (click on bands name to go to their FB)


1. Moral Of The Story – Pop Punk from NJ






2. Fireball – Metalcore from Poland






3.Entombed In The Abyss – Metal/Deathcore from Orlando,FL








4.Obscurities – Melodic Metalcore from Manheim, PA







5.Sunset Hollow – Post Metalcore from Coatesville, PA








6. Without A Martyr – Metal from Scranton, PA









7. Anticitizen – Punk from Hackettstown,NJ







8. Stone Cloud Sunday – Rock from Mandan, ND







9. The Last Remark – Heavy Metal from Philadelphia, PA







10. Vengents – Thrash Punk from NJ