TNF Premiere: Ohio pop-punk band Life In Idle debut new single + video for “Hourglass” – watch

It’s a challenging time to be releasing new music in any fashion. With a global pandemic affecting the lives of just about everyone worldwide, there’s even more roadblocks to an often thankless job considering that most musicians can’t play a proper show right now.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of high energy pop-punk to make your day better. Fresh off nearly 2 years of playing shows for 2018’s She’s Out to Get Me, Dayton, OH pop punk outfit Life In Idle has just released their new single “Hourglass” with an accompanying lyric video. We’re stoked to be premiering the new video for the track, which you can watch below.

For a band that started out as just a group of friends with a desire to play music, the guys have shown a lot of promise since their early beginnings. After sharing the stage with groups like Oh, Weatherly, Hot Mulligan, Story Untold and Hawthorne Heights and covering ground with a string of shows across the Midwest, Life In Idle is creating a path to become a household name in their own right.

Frontman David French and drummer Alex Hall comment:

“When you’re pouring all of yourself into your songwriting, things start to add up and become more clear in your mind. Hourglass was a song we were working on but really came to be something more meaningful after the Dayton shooting in 2019. We began feeling the impact it had in our community and everyone was pretty shook up from that and now with this global pandemic, the lyrics in the song are taking on a whole new meaning and it hits closer to home than we could have imagined when we first wrote this. These city streets never felt so alone.”

The band will be performing via Facebook Live on May 23rd at 3PM EST.