TNF Premiere: Australia’s Accidental President explore moving on from the past with new video for “Letting Go”

Australian rock act Accidental President have been relentlessly providing us with content throughout summer in America. Releasing their well-acclaimed self-titled debut album July 1st and subsequently releasing an array of music videos to correspond with singles off of the album, the act is back at it again with an animated lyric video for their single “Letting Go”, that we are excited to premiere here on New Fury.

“Letting Go – Feeling trapped in the past due to experiences that caused pain. Trying to process the emotions you need to move on. Getting stuck on anger as an emotion you never wanted to give the time of day to. But coming to the conclusion, that no matter how much it hurts, it’s okay to feel it. Allow it. Sit with it. Then you can finally move forward. Then you can finally let it go.” – Accidental President

The single is a tenacious track that allows Accidental President to wear their heart on their sleeves and connect deeply with fans. “Letting Go” encourages us to allow ourselves to recognize and feel our emotions as they come in order to let them go. Vocalist Bethany Neville helps set the tone throughout the track, utilizing the grit and depth of her voice to display the emotions of the song.

The animated video for “Letting Go” further paints the story of pain and despair that ends with a sense of empowerment and hope. Accidental President seem to have become a voice for the broken and beaten down, allowing solace and comfort to listeners. And let’s be real, if you’re a rock fan there’s nothing more soothing to you than an excellent guitar riff and Accidental President will never let you down there either.

Let your emotions take you away as you watch the video for “Letting Go”. Accidental President have been working round the clock to continue to share their story with us, be sure to stay tuned for all that’s to come.