The Black Dahlia Murder set to release a new album this April

The Black Dahlia Murder have long been known as one of modern melodic death metal’s most accomplished bands. Constantly a huge tour and festival draw, it’s difficult to consider any of their 8 full-lengths to date anything other than at least solid, if not often spectacular. 2017’s Nightbringers is the band’s most recent album to date, and while it’s one of their best, the band’s next chapter is about to unfold.

Thanks to a new interview from our friends over at PureGrainAudio, we now know that The Black Dahlia Murder are set to release a new album this April, and a new song early in February.

“The album comes out in April and the first taste of it will be at the beginning of next month, the first song and the artwork and the big reveal of the name, and all that. Pretty excited about that; it’s been a long time coming now. I recorded vocals for the album in May. So, it will be like a year almost until it finally comes out. It’s been a long time to think about it, let me tell you.”

While it’s unknown what The Black Dahlia Murder’s new album will sound like, rest assured in knowing that it’ll meet the band’s standard of quality to date.