Microsoft unveils highly-anticipated new system “Xbox Series X”

The 2019 edition of The Game Awards was certainly filled with a plethora of important announcements. The Playstation 5 having their first official game announcement (Godfall)? Check. Bravely Default II being announced for the Switch? Yup! A Fast & Furious game that will bring back some of the main cast from the films? Absolutely.

Few announcements, however, were as anticipated as both Sony and Microsoft unveiling their long-awaited new systems. Especially Xbox, who will be seeing a tactical take on their flagship Gears Of War series later in 2020, their new console is one that everyone is looking forward to. Now it has a name.

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Game Review : InkSplosion

InkSplosion is a twin stick arcade shooter that can seriously be 100% beaten in roughly 15 minutes. It is really that small of a game.


The game is a colorful splash in the visual department mixed game play similar to a geometry wars. You goal is to survive and kill all enemies on screen. Its a simple concept, quick to pick up, and never really changes.

You are given three different game modes being arcade, hard, or arena. Arcade is level based with your goal being to kill the 4 enemies on screen while avoided the laser lines in the level. Arena is a endless mode where you go through waves of 4 enemies until you die. You unlock this by getting a score of 100,000 in Arcade. Now killing 100 enemies in Arena unlocks Hard mode. This simply just appears to have a quicker laser time, enemies have better aim, and they take more bullets to kill.

Now on Xbox you can get the full 1,000 gamerscore in this game in roughly 15 minutes. Aside from that it just doesn’t have a long lasting appeal to it. Arcade becomes dull quickly, weapons change per wave but you’ll quickly see that most are useless, and the game never introduces anything new.

At a $5 price tag it really isn’t great. Now at the same time however it isn’t bad really it just fails to show much. It looks nice, plays well, but offers nothing to more than a short one time play through.

Score : 3/10

Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Ratalaika Games

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