Knocked Loose go for the throat on “A Different Shade Of Blue” (Review)

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Knocked Loose have made quite an impact on the music scene ever since their 2014 EP Pop Culture. Only continuing to grow with Laugh Tracks in 2016, this debut led the band to become even more talked about in both a positive and negative aspect causing a major division between people who either loved this style of hardcore with its extremely unique take on vocals, its bare-bone riffs or even the lyricism overall, to those who can’t stand it. The underlying question here is: did the band cater to the nay-sayers and change their sound up for their sophomore album? Within the first 10 seconds of Belleview that’s answered with a resounding “hell no”.

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Knocked Loose recording sophomore full-length with producer Will Putney

In the span of just a full-length and a wave of massive hype and energy, Knocked Loose have grown almost overnight from a popular local and regional act, to an even more popular vanguard in heavy music. Support tours with the likes of Beartooth and Every Time I Die, as well as headlining tours of their own, have made them one to watch in the music scene. Add incendiary live shows to the mix, and this explains a great deal of their success.

The band is now entering the studio with producer Will Putney at the helm, currently in the studio now preparing the follow-up to 2016’s Laugh Tracks. After almost 3 years supporting new material, fans of heavy music should be stoked.

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