Alternative metal band Vespera premieres impressive new track, “Deafening, Dissonant”

With 4 singles under their belt and Spotify streams approaching the one million mark, alternative metal band Vespera aren’t your average new band. No, their introduction to the world has come in the form of multiple cinematic videos, buoyed by a comforting and familiar sound that meshes together multiple rock and metal subgenres to create something very special.

The band is back with arguably their best song to date, the riff-heavy yet melodic “Deafening, Dissonant”. Color us continually impressed by what this young band is doing – it’s only a matter of time until their debut record, The Thoughts That Plague You, releases. Vocalist Jonathan Wolfe puts on one of his best vocal performances to date, and the thunderous, cracking drums of Jonathan Schwartz serve as a highlight as well.

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Alternative metal band Vespera premieres cinematic new video for “Vanilla Sky”

Seattle, Washington alt-metal band Vespera are taking the music scene by storm without even having released an official EP or album just yet. Racking up right around 500,000 streams on Spotify for an unsigned band that’s existed for exactly a year is no small feat, and gaining the attention of several massive outlets is also nothing to sneeze at.

All of these accolades would be nothing without great songwriting, though, and the four-piece band have that in spades with their upcoming album, The Thoughts That Plague You. While the record doesn’t have a release date of any kind just yet, the band’s new single “Vanilla Sky” provides a good snapshot of what you’ll find on the record. Vespera bridges the gap between modern rock/alt-metal and more progressive metalcore like Northlane’s newer material. Led by a dynamic frontman in Jonathan Wolfe and a capable rhythm section to boot, Vespera are rock’s next great success story. Check out the band’s new video for “Vanilla Sky” below, and prepare to be engaged.

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Alternative metal band Vespera premieres new single, “Paradise” (featuring Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo)

Having existed for a very short time, alternative metal band Vespera have made a name for themselves with 2 anthemic, well-received singles (“Bloom”, “Obsidian Dreams”) that blur the line between progressive metal, modern rock, and alternative metal. Think somewhere between bands like Chevelle, Nothing More, Deftones, Tool, and Northlane – while this is a decent description of their sound, it doesn’t quite do Vespera justice.

With the band’s new single, “Paradise”, it’s clear that Vespera are going for the throat with everything they release. Even the video is 100% worth watching – the song also features Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotelo. Check it out below, and stay tuned for plenty of new music from Vespera. This band needs to be on your radar now.

Fair warning – the video and subject matter is very unsettling, but ultimately worth it.

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Enjoy Northlane or Deftones? Then you’ll love the new Vespera single, “Obsidian Dreams”

There’s something truly special about hearing a brand new band that seems likely to take the rock and alternative metal scenes by storm. Defying easy categorization after just 2 singles, rock newcomers Vespera could easily be compared to obvious scene cornerstones like Northlane, Deftones, and a more melodic Chevelle – but they are an entity all their own. There’s even hints of tech-heavy progressive metal in the band’s new single “Obsidian Dreams” – think Periphery, Tesseract – with a positively rapturous chorus that has all the hooks you’d want in this type of music.

Produced by Taylor Larson (Periphery, Darkest Hour), the track is the 2nd to be released from Vespera’s upcoming album, the 15-track behemoth The Thoughts That Plague You, which is set for release sometime in 2018. Vocalist Jonathan Wolfe (a former touring member of Slaves and Falling In Reverse) is proving himself as a vocalist to watch out for with dynamic range and ability to craft massive vocal hooks.

“I grow restless.”

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