Davey Muise (ex-Vanna vocalist) releases emotional new video for “Fragile With Me”

Motivational speaker and former Vanna vocalist Davey Muise has been up to many things since Vanna’s final show a year ago this month, and now the singer has released a new video for his song, “Fragile With Me”. A track unlike anything he’s ever done with any of his projects (Vanna, Trove), the new video for the song might just leave you in an emotional wreck. It certainly did for us, considering it’s very well directed.

About the new single, Davey shared: “For years I’ve poured myself into songs and into music, and for years those songs helped me build my life back up. A lot has changed for me, but one thing always will remain: the need to get in front of a microphone and spill my guts. I’ve been feeling heavy recently and needed to let it out, so that’s what this is. It’s different, it’s new, but it’s just me continuing the journey and sharing it with you.

I hope you like it, I hope it speaks to you or at least gives you the words to match your feelings. So this is for you, for everyone who’s ever felt like they carry to much weight, for when life feels to heavy. We all hold different baggage, just remember to handle each other with care.”

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Davey Muise reflects on final Vanna show: “This wasn’t the end of anything, it was the beginning of it all.”

Do you believe in the power of music to change lives, emotionally move, tell stories, and create lasting memories that will stick with you forever? I do – I see it every day in the hearts of metal and hardcore kids who are searching for any sense of meaning in their lives, who are looking for that one album or band to truly latch onto.

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Show Review & Photo Gallery: Vanna: The Final Show

Venue – The Palladium
Location – Worcester, MA
Date – December 15th, 2017
Lineup – Vanna, Eighteen Visions, Knocked Loose, Like Pacific, Lions Lions, On Broken Wings, End, Sharptooth & others.

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Watch live footage of Vanna’s final show with the original lineup performing “Safe To Say”

The final chapter in the book of Vanna has now closed. The Boston, Mass hardcore punk band was both an institution on Vans Warped Tour as much as they were playing sweaty basement shows in the early days. 6 full-lengths, a handful of EP’s, and countless shows later, the band went out on top December 15th in their hometown. They were joined by everyone from Knocked Loose to Sharptooth, 18 Visions to Bad Rabbits, and many more.

This was a celebration of everything Vanna accomplished, the friends they made, and the people they influenced. Even better was the fact that we have live footage of the show, where the original lineup performed “Safe To Say”, among other songs. Check out the videos below, and stay tuned for incoming photo galleries of the show as well.

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