See the legendary Nic Newsham on a trippy new Strawberry Girls video

Strawberry Girls, 2020

There’s a good chance you’ve heard Nic Newsham’s voice if you’re into post-hardcore. He featured on arguably Dance Gavin Dance’s most popular track “Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most,” and sung for the massively-underrated Gatsby’s American Dream in the 2000s.

Thankfully, he still dabbles in music, as he’s featured on some Strawberry Girls tracks on each of their albums. First with “Transparent Sea” off French Ghetto, “Thank God” off Italian Ghosts, and now “Mini Ripper” from Tasmanian Glow, his voice complements the otherwise-instrumental band well.

The band has released a new version of “Mini Ripper”, with Nic being the center focus in an out-of-this-world presentation. He gets to dance around and deliver his lyrics emphatically over a filter that showcases some gorgeous color schemes, creating a psychedelic vibe.

Check out the video below, and be sure to enjoy Strawberry Girls if you haven’t already!

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