waveform*’s “Last Room” could be 2020’s sleeper hit (review)

While scrolling across Twitter a few nights ago, I saw the account @thisbandfucks post a bandcamp link. Bored, I played the preview for waveform*’s “Tell You” and was instantly enamored. Instantly reminded of Greet Death’s “Do You Feel Nothing?”, this rare mesh of raw, emotive lyricism with dreary, exhausting guitars resonates with me on a different level than most music. After some digging, I saw the band was meticulous and mysterious, and knew I had to get a preview of upcoming LP Last Room.

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Don’t sleep on Sunsleep

Photographer: Robert Sherman for Resurget Mag

It’s no secret that post-hardcore is on another upswing. Picturesque, Too Close to Touch, Awaken I Am, and several others are bringing a new wave of the genre into thousands of new fans’ ears. One on the rise that has a masterful sound is Sunsleep, who have released a solid amount of songs to take note of.

Dropping singles and an EP here and there since 2017, their most recent track, “Dead,” is a prime example of what Sunsleep has to offer. It checks all the boxes: a chorus that sticks with you past the song’s closure, a stunning vocal performance, competent song structure… the list goes on.

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