INTERVIEW: Daniel Cece of Krosis

2020 is finally here! Now we can all focus on the incredible releases lined up for this year, and those not yet announced. Krosis is one of them! The North Carolina death metal outfit is preparing to release their newest album A Memoir of Free Will on February 7th, 2020 via the legendary Unique Leader Records! Krosis will be hitting the road in February with A Wake In Providence and God Of Nothing. You’ll definitely be hearing our take on the record soon to fully indulge yourselves into our thoughts on the next chapter of Krosis. We will say this album is packing nuclear energy. We had the honor to sit down with Daniel Cece, the man behind the kit, to discuss the upcoming record and chat about music.


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RIP Erik Lindmark (Deeds Of Flesh, Unique Leader Records founder), 1972-2018

Photo by: Gisel

We have heartbreaking news to share today, as Deeds Of Flesh guitarist and founder of Unique Leader Records, Erik Lindmark, has passed away after a battle with sclerosis. He was just 46 years old.

Lindmark rose to prominence through his time in the death metal band Deeds Of Flesh, but the real legacy he’s going to leave behind is through Unique Leader Records, the label he founded. Helping many bands become major players in the death metal, deathcore, and other extreme metal scenes, Unique Leader gave birth to such prominent and varied releases as Fallujah’s (who issued a tribute to him, available below) debut record The Harvest Wombs and Rings Of Saturn’s Embryonic Anomaly, just to name a few. Many of the label’s bands have gone on to even bigger things, including signing with mega labels like Nuclear Blast.

Surely, what Lindmark leaves behind is a strong legacy of taking chances on bands that would normally go unnoticed by other labels, as well as being a proficient guitarist in his own right. Lindmark will be missed, but he left a mark on the extreme metal world that few can match.

Rest In Power.

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